How To Keep Birds From Being Trapped In Squirrel Feeder

How to Keep Birds From Being Trapped in a Squirrel Feeder How To Keep Birds From Being Trapped In Squirrel Feeder

A common way to deter squirrels from eating the bird seed in your feeder is to use a slinky. The slinky will fall with gravity and disguise itself on metal poles, making it difficult for squirrels to get in the feeder. When the squirrel tries to jump down the slinky, it will simply pull down with its weight, creating a springboard for the bird to fall through.

Wire cages prevent squirrels from eating birdseed

There are several ways to prevent squirrels from eating your birdseed, including using wire cages. This method is relatively inexpensive and can prevent squirrels from gaining access to your bird feeder. You can block feeders on wire with empty thread spools or plastic bottles. Even better, you can hang an empty thread spool from your bird feeder to deter squirrels. If you don’t want to use wire cages, you can also use chicken wire.

You can also use a variety of bird seeds that are not squirrel-friendly, such as nyjer seed and plain suet. You can spray these seeds with palm oil or rub them with dried pepper. While pepper is not toxic to humans, it can be dangerous to squirrels and can wash off your birdseed. You may also consider purchasing bird seed that has been treated with suet or a hot pepper that squirrels find unpleasant.

Baffles restrict squirrels’ access to feeder

Some of the best ways to prevent squirrels from accessing your squirrel feeder is to install pole guards. These are designed to fit over the pole to prevent the squirrel from climbing it. Make sure to measure your pole before you purchase this type of feeder. Baffles will not fit smaller diameter poles. Some bird feeders come with built-in baffles. Large capacity feeders are more likely to have these.

One way to keep squirrels out of your feeder is to install a baffle. This device is made of two separate metal salad bowls, each with a slightly different diameter. The metal bowls are mounted separately, and the baffles prevent squirrels from climbing them and eating the birdseed. Baffles can be made of different materials, including plastic, wood, or metal. Some of these devices are designed to be easily removed and replaced if they become damaged or broken.

Cayenne pepper

One method for deterring squirrels from eating bird seed is to sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the seeds. The active ingredient in cayenne pepper gives off a very hot odor that squirrels cannot stand. Birds can tolerate this heat, so this method should be effective in deterring squirrels. However, you can also coat the bird seed with hot chilli oil. This mixture will also have the same effect.

When adding cayenne pepper to the mix, make sure it is spread evenly in the birdseed. Once this is done, store the mix in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Then, transfer the mix to the feeder when the birds are finished. If you don’t want to make your own homemade bird repellent, you can buy some high-quality mixes that already contain a variety of different flavors and scents that birds love.


If you want to discourage squirrels from raiding your bird feeders, you might have tried putting down some grease or oil on the pole. While this solution might work, it is cruel and inhumane. It may coat the feathers of the birds and squirrels and make them easier to trap. The same thing is true for pepper, which can be added to the bird seed. In moderation, however, it is harmless and effective.

While it may seem tempting to try to keep birds out of your feeders by putting down some petroleum jelly or other lubricant, this approach is not only cruel but also dangerous. Squirrels can become stuck in feeding poles and suffer injuries if they fall. Inhumane and cruel, these tactics should be avoided. Instead, try the methods below to protect your feeders and save birds!


Using a squirrel repellent will help you keep the animals from accessing your birdfeeders. You should be especially careful when using a repellent on ground-feeding birds, as they could be tempted to eat dirty seeds. While some squirrel repellent solutions can harm the wildlife, others do not. While these methods are not recommended, they do have one distinct advantage over poisoning: they do not harm the squirrels!

The best repellent for squirrels is bird food treated with capsaicin. Capsaicin is a common ingredient in bird food, and will keep them from attempting to eat your feeder. This solution has been on the market for a long time, and there have been no reports of negative side effects. The only downside is that the squirrels will have less access to your bird food, since they’ll be scared away by the peppery taste.

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