How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Squirrel Feeders

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Squirrel Feeders

One of the best ways to keep raccoons away from your squirrel feeders is to install a baffle. While baffles are not effective against all wildlife, they can scare raccoons away. You can purchase a decoy wolf or tiger that will look cool in your yard. The decoy is a good way to deter a raccoon from stealing the squirrel seeds in your birdhouses.

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Squirrel Feeders

If you have a large tree, you may want to consider installing a raccoon baffle. These large domes will work well but will only work if the limbs are close enough. You can also try a plastic tray baffle or a short stovepipe. A raccoon guard can be effective but do not use live traps unless you are certain that the raccoon is not pregnant.

The best way to deter raccoons from stealing your squirrel feeders is to prevent them from climbing up trees. You can secure your feeder with a steel rod or a wooden post. The raccoon will then climb the pole and find its way to the feeder. While a chain will stop raccoons from reaching the nuts, it will not prevent them from climbing the pole and grabbing it. If you don’t want to risk their safety, you can consider using a torpedo baffle.

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You can also install baffles on trees to keep raccoons from accessing the nuts. The raccoons are smart animals that can open a plastic container and climb up a tree. They can damage your feeders or even run away with them. The best way to prevent this is to buy a taller pole or a longer baffle. This way, they will have no place to enter.

To prevent raccoons from reaching your feeders, you should place a baffle on the feeder. This is especially important if you have a squirrel-feeding pole. The raccoons can use their hands to tear the baffle off of the pole and travel up to a mile to get to your feeders. If a raccoon does manage to get through the baffle, it will probably leave the pole alone.

Another method is to install a baffle that blocks the feeder’s opening. You should install a baffle near the feeder so that the raccoon cannot access the nuts. The baffle will keep raccoons from climbing up the pole and will prevent them from reaching your squirrel-feeding pole. By placing the baffle, the feeder will be less attractive to a scavenger and will be safer for your yard.

Another effective way to keep raccoons out of a squirrel feeder is to secure it in the trees. A baffle is an obstacle that a scavenger cannot overcome. The feeders should be secured in the trees with sturdy wires. You can hang the baffle from a pole with a six-foot metal rod or a five-foot wood pole.

Another method is to install baffles to prevent raccoons from getting into your feeders. These will keep raccoons from climbing the pole. The most popular baffle is a stovepipe baffle, which is a cylinder that fits over the pole. Smaller baffles won’t be effective for raccoons because they are larger than squirrels.

To discourage raccoons from eating from your feeders, you can put baffles above the pole. A baffle can also be installed above the pole to keep raccoons away from bird feeders. Using a shepherd’s hook will also help keep raccoons away from your bird feeders. But you need to be sure that the ringtail feeder is the most effective.

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