How To Keep Squirrel Off Block Walls

How to Keep Squirrel Off Block WallsHow To Keep Squirrel Off Block Walls

If you want to prevent your block walls from being used as homes by squirrels, you can try a few methods to prevent them from scratching and damaging your property. One of the easiest ways to prevent your block walls from being used as homes is to plant a plant that will discourage squirrels from entering. Squirrels tend to scratch in order to get out of a wall. Therefore, you can use live traps and motion sensor activated electronics to keep them out.

Dos and Don’ts

Squirrels are notorious for their love of humans’ homes. Not only are they sheltered from weather conditions, but they’re also close to a reliable source of food. If you’d like to keep squirrels out of your home, you must first seal off all possible entry points. If you don’t seal them off, they’ll find another way in. However, you must be vigilant and do your research to keep the squirrels away.

One of the most common ways to discourage a squirrel is to cover the attic vents. This is a common entrance for a squirrel, which offers plenty of space to chew and gnaw on the roof’s block walls. Installing a hardware cloth on the interior side of the vent is one solution that will keep the squirrels out. You can buy mesh cloths for the interior side of the vent, but make sure to screw them over the exterior side.

Plants to deter squirrels

If you want to keep squirrels from chewing on your block wall, you can plant peppermint leaves. This repellent is effective for a few feet, but it’s not very effective if the squirrels are closer. Another way to repel squirrels is to place cinnamon oil around plants. This mixture should be sprayed around the base of plants or poles. It’s not a very strong repellent, so you should avoid using this solution near children’s toys or pets.

Plants that are toxic to squirrels are best avoided, but a few species are poisonous to them. Daffodils are toxic to squirrels, and geraniums are good choices for cooler fall and summer temperatures. Lily-of-the-valley and galanthus are both effective deterrents. These plants are both poisonous to squirrels, and are not edible for them.

Live traps

There are many ways to keep squirrels away from block walls, including live traps. These traps include cages and body-gripping traps that close when the squirrel enters them. You can also place them near trash cans or under the eaves of your porch. Be sure to check the traps often and place repellents where squirrels tend to congregate. If you’re concerned about multiple squirrels, consider using the Rugged Ranch live trap. This device is perfect for catching several squirrels in a short period of time.

These traps can be extremely effective for catching and removing squirrels, but they can also be quite dangerous. While these traps are great at catching pests, they can cause injuries or even death. Make sure you use a humane trap to prevent further injury to the wildlife. Live traps are best for capturing a squirrel because you don’t have to worry about it running away. These traps work even when you’re not home to check on them.

Motion sensor activated electronics

If you are having trouble keeping a squirrel off your block wall, consider motion sensor activated electronics. These devices emit sounds and lights or spray water if they see movement. Depending on the type of squirrel, these devices can keep the squirrel away for up to 30 feet. Some also have solar energy capabilities so that they can work on overcast days. There are also several types of these products on the market, and choosing one that fits your budget will be the most important factor.

These motion-activated strobe lights are a great option because they are battery operated and are available in many colors. You may need to drill a hole in the model to fit the LED inside. You can then feed the wires through the model until they reach the bottom. Once the wires are tucked away, you can hide the device from view. This will deter the squirrel from entering the house.

Mesh fences

Squirrels can be tough to get rid of, and they can chew block walls or jump over them. Not to mention, they love food! So you’ll likely find them eating your garden produce and other items if you don’t take action. Luckily, there are several solutions to keep them away. You can either build a fence or use a poison. If you’re trying to keep squirrels away from your garden, this is an excellent way to get rid of them.

A mesh fence is another option for a protective barrier. A protective barrier like a mesh fence can be a temporary solution. They must be replaced every two to four years, or repaired if they are cracked. The downside is that these barriers offer little protection against squirrels, and they can burn the tree trunk when removed. This is a particular problem if you have a young tree. PVC pipe can protect young trees, but you will have to cut away the plastic pipe to allow for growth.

What are some ways to keep squirrels off of block walls?


Install a wire mesh fence that is at least 3 feet tall.


Trim trees and shrubs so they are not touching the block wall.


Use a Squirrel Repellent.


Place chicken wire along the top of the block wall.

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