How To Keep Squirrel Out Of My Plant

How Do I Keep a Squirrel Out of My Plant?

When you have a garden, you may be wondering, “How do I keep a squirrel out of my plant?” Luckily, there are many things you can do to deter them. Organic materials are a great way to scare off the squirrels and are safe for humans. These sprays can be used on soil, potting soil, or even the plants themselves. However, they wear off after a few days, so you have to keep applying them.

Moth balls

Mothballs can deter squirrels from raiding your potted plants. The smell of mothballs repels the animals. This is because mothballs are made from components that turn into gas directly from a solid state. However, mothballs are toxic to squirrels and can even kill them if they ingest them. To avoid the irritation of your family, it’s best to only use mothballs sparingly.

Peppermint oil

In case you’ve ever wondered how to keep a squirrel out of your plant, peppermint oil can help. You can spray the oil on your plant or hide it in a nearby area. Peppermint is also effective as a repellent for a variety of rodents, including possums, rabbits, and squirrels. If you’re trying to protect your entire garden, you can also bury the oil in the soil around your plants.

Chicken wire

There are various types of chicken wire on the market, but the one that will keep squirrels from digging up your plants is a wire that is at least one inch wide. These wires are galvanized steel, which means that they will not rust. You can choose the size and mesh type that will best fit your needs, from large to small. Make sure to choose one that’s thick enough to cover the plant’s base and still leave a little room above for your plants.

Bone meal

There are two types of repellents you can use to deter animals. The first one is a natural fertilizer called bone meal, which is high in ammonia and nitrogen. This will keep squirrels away from your plants. The second type is a chemical repellent, such as blood meal. Although both of these options will work to deter animals, the former is better for your plants, and the latter is less toxic for your plants.

Blood meal

You can use blood meal to repel squirrels from your garden. Blood meal is a natural deterrent for both humans and animals. You must apply it after rain to be effective. You can also use cayenne pepper or paprika. But these methods may not work in the long run. If you want to try blood meal, there are some tips you should remember. Blood meal is highly nutritious for your plants.


If you are a gardener, you might be wondering how to keep squirrels from eating your plants. Bonemeal has a strong odor that squirrels dislike. Simply sprinkle some bone meal on the soil around your plant and they will be kept away from it. This method works very well if you have a large number of plants. However, you should avoid using too much of the bone meal, as it can cause harm to your flowers.

Bonemeal spray

There are several ways to keep squirrels from digging up your plants. One method is to sprinkle bone meal onto the soil. Since this has a strong odor, squirrels will avoid the area. Another method is to use dog fur on your plants. Both of these methods are effective in driving away squirrels. However, you must know that the bones have an offending odor, so using them in excess can damage your flowers.

Garlic repels squirrels

Squirrels have an acute sense of smell and avoid areas that contain any scent of garlic. Its pungent and spicy odor is an obvious deterrent, but there are other options. One way to keep squirrels away is by planting garlic in your garden. The smell of garlic is so strong that it will overpower the smell of other foods. The smell of garlic will also deter squirrels from eating the cloves. You can try planting a few garlic plants around your garden or a nearby fence.

How often should I water my plants?

Water your plants when the top inch of soil is dry.

How do I know if my plant is getting enough water?

Check the soil around your plant.

If it’s dry it needs water.

What is the best way to water my plants?

Water your plants slowly and deeply so the water can reach the roots.

What happens if I water my plants too much?

If you water your plants too much the roots will rot and the plant will die.

How often should I fertilize my plants?

Fertilize your plants every two weeks.

What happens if I fertilize my plants too often?

If you fertilize your plants too often the leaves will turn yellow and the plant will die.

What should I do if I think my plant is not getting enough light?

Move your plant to a spot where it will get more light.

What happens if my plant gets too much light?

If your plant gets too much light the leaves will turn yellow and the plant will die.

How do I know if my plant is getting enough light?

Check the leaves of your plant.

If they’re green it’s getting enough light.

If they’re yellow it’s not getting enough light.

What should I do if I think my plant is not getting enough nutrients?

Fertilize your plant.

What should I do if I think my plant is not getting enough air?

Prune your plant.

What is the best way to prune my plant?

Cut off any dead or dying leaves or stems.

What is the best way to fertilize my plant?

Mix the fertilizer with water and apply it to the soil around the plant.

How often should I pests my plant?

Every two weeks.

What should I do if I see pests on my plant?

Remove the pests by hand or use an insecticide.

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