How To Kill A Grey Squirrel

How to Kill a Grey Squirrel

So you’ve decided to kill a grey squirrel. But how do you go about doing it? Do you use nonlethal traps or humane euthanasia? If so, read this article to learn how to do it. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination, but remember, the method of killing should be painless and cause as little pain as possible to the animal. If you’re not comfortable using these methods, try drowning it instead.

Nonlethal traps

If you have a gray squirrel infestation, a nonlethal trap can be an effective way to dispatch the animal. Nonlethal traps can be made from 1/4-1/2-inch heavy wire mesh or a box with an attached funnel. The box trap can be used next to the squirrel’s entrance hole. While this is not the best way to dispatch the grey squirrel, it will still be effective for 90% of the infestation.

A live-catch trap works by placing a spring-loaded device in the ground. The springs will cause the cage to close violently around the animal’s neck. When the springs are fully engaged, the animal is likely to die instantly. These traps are not very effective in areas where red squirrels live, so they should not be used near them. The most common nonlethal trap for grey squirrels is the Warfarin poison.

Humane euthanasia

While community animal control officers and state conservation agencies can help with the removal of invasive species such as grey squirrels, the most humane method is euthanasia. While humane euthanasia is the best option, it is important to practice caution when handling live animals. The proper shot placement is essential for a painless death. Typically, a 6-, 7-, or 8-shot shotgun is used to dispatch animals. Lethal traps are available that are specifically designed to quickly and efficiently dispatch wildlife. Suitable traps for gray squirrels include number 110 body-gripping snap traps and large rat-size snap traps.

The euthanasia procedure was successful for 57 out of 48 squirrels. The procedure required less than a minute to achieve unconsciousness. The squirrels were released in an urban park two to three days after surgery. The veterinarians used long-acting antibiotics to reduce stress and prevent infection. The decision to release the animals as soon as possible was based on a decision to minimize the stress of keeping them in captivity. However, hospitalization of large numbers of wildlife can be costly and difficult to arrange.

Tunnel traps

There are many different methods of capturing and killing grey squirrels, but one method is by using a tunnel trap. These devices are made up of tunnels that are fitted with solid 2mm olive drab powder coated steel excluders. They are designed to allow squirrels to pass, but not larger, non-target species. You can use this method in conjunction with rail trapping, or you can set up a rail trap and place planks between your trees and food sources.

A good tunnel trap will be located where grey squirrels are likely to frequent. Fenn and Springer traps, for example, are placed at a level with the tunnel’s floor. The tunnels may be natural or man-made, but the internal dimensions must be large enough for the trap arms. The entrance hole must be at least 60mm deep to deter larger animals. Tunnel traps are designed to kill grey squirrels without causing any harm to other animals, but may be difficult to remove.


In the 1870s, the Prince of Wales convened Owen Paterson and others to devise a scheme to cull the grey squirrels. Eventually, the grey squirrel population displaced the red squirrel in most of England, Wales, and south-east Scotland. Now, these rodents can be a real problem for farmers and foresters, because they take eggs and cause massive damage to natural woodlands and stands of timber. They can also damage feed bins and other bird-feeding structures.

The best way to drown a grey squirrel is to carefully measure the amount of poison and choose the correct shot placement. You should choose a shotgun with six, seven, or eight shots. It is important to note that, while most cities have laws preventing the discharge of firearms within city limits, air rifles may be permitted. Make sure to check with local law enforcement before using a firearm in this situation. However, if you do plan to use a shotgun in your locality, you should be aware of the local ordinances and laws regarding firearms.


Although poisons can be deadly, they are not the only option for killing grey squirrels. Anticoagulants are an alternative. If the squirrel has been invading your property for a while, you can try using a trap. These traps can be placed either inside or outside, but they will not be effective if the squirrels do not get into them. If you have seen a grey squirrel on your property, you should consider using a trap to catch it.

Before using anticoagulants to kill a grey squirrel, you must be aware of their effects. They may work for a few days, but not in a prolonged infestation. The treatment requires you to feed the squirrel five days in a row with a 48-hour gap. However, if you want a faster result, you can also consider using a chemical poison. However, anticoagulants are not suited for outside use.

Wildlife deterrents

While you can use a gun or other firearms to kill a grey squirrel, the best way is to keep your yard clear of the critters. Wildlife deterrents are available that scare off these rodents, and you can even use predator urine to discourage them. If you notice that the squirrels are destroying your yard, sprinkle the urine around the perimeter. If you are not sure whether or not you have a squirrel problem, check the exterior of your home on a regular basis.

If the problem is not as bad as a swarm of gray squirrels, you can use a wildlife deterrent for killing the rodents. Grey squirrels are protected species in the UK, and using wildlife deterrents is a great option to solve your problem. If you’re not comfortable killing them yourself, there are many professional wildlife control operators who can help you get rid of them. These professionals can also help you repair any damage the grey squirrels have caused.

How do you kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 1: By shooting it in the head.

What is the most humane way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 2: Shooting it in the head.

Is it legal to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 3: It depends on the state and country.

In the United States there are no federal laws against killing squirrels.

How many ways can you kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 4: By shooting it clubbing it or poisoning it.

What is the best way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 5: By shooting it in the head.

What is the most common way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 6: By shooting it.

What is the fastest way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 7: By shooting it in the head.

What is the slowest way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 8: By poisoning it.

What is the easiest way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 9: By shooting it.

What is the hardest way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 10: By poisoning it.

What is the cheapest way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 11: By shooting it.

What is the most expensive way to kill a grey squirrel?

Answer 12: By poisoning it.

Is it necessary to kill grey squirrels?

Answer 13: It depends on the person.

Some people see them as pests and want to get rid of them while others think they’re cute and don’t want to harm them.

How do you prevent grey squirrels from entering your home?

Answer 14: By sealing up any cracks or holes on the outside of your home and by keeping your food and garbage secured.

What do you do with a dead grey squirrel?

Answer 15: You can bury it or you can throw it away.

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