How To Kill A Squirrel Stuck In A Pipe

How to Get Rid of a Squirrel Stuck in a Pipe How To Kill A Squirrel Stuck In A Pipe

There are many ways to get rid of a squirrel stuck in a pipe. There are rat-sized snap traps, carbon monoxide traps, and tube traps. All have little to no effect on squirrels, and can be a bit dangerous. Hopefully, one of these methods will work for you. If not, read on to find out what to do instead. If you think you’re stuck in a pipe, it may be a good idea to call in a professional.

Using a rat-sized snap trap

If you can’t get rid of a squirrel that is stuck in a pipe, you can use a snap trap designed for rats or mice. When the rodent takes the bait, the metal bar snaps, breaking the rodent’s neck and killing it instantly. However, you have to be careful with snap traps because they can injure people. It’s not recommended that you use one around children and pets.

Rat-sized snap traps are more effective for killing a squirrel, but they need to be heavy-duty and designed for animals. If you choose a glueboard trap, it will easily fall apart, and a squirrel may attempt to chew off the leg. Snap traps are rat-sized and should be made of heavy-duty plastic or metal.

If you choose to use a snap trap, make sure that you set the trigger at an angle. Rats are very cautious about snap traps, and it could take days for a rat to fall prey. You should place the trap in pairs to avoid catching more than one rodent. In case you use a rat-sized snap trap, it is important to place them in pairs.

Using a tube trap

Rather than poison the animal, you can use a simple tube trap to kill a squirrel stuck in the pipe. It’s much simpler to set up and doesn’t require expensive materials. You can even make your own trap out of sticks! First, you need to place the trap somewhere that’s not near any of the squirrel’s activities. You should also make sure that the trap isn’t camouflaged. Make sure to check it often and close the pipe cap to keep the squirrel in the trap.

Once you catch the animal, it will run through the tube like it’s not there. After the squirrel gets inside, you can reset the trap for another chance at capturing the animal. Place the trap in the vent of a chimney, roof rafters, dryer vents, or soffit vents. When putting the trap in a pipe, make sure that it’s at a 60 to 70 degree angle. The squirrel will be able to reach the food in the pipe and be trapped.

The best type of trap for catching a squirrel stuck in a pipe is a Mark 4 Fenn tube trap. It’s designed to exclude the animal while capturing it. Place the trap in a tube that is at least 600mm in diameter. The trap must be big enough for the animal to fit through the entrance hole. The trap arms must be at least 15cm long and 13cm high to catch the animal in the trap.

Using a carbon monoxide trap

One method for killing a squirrel stuck in a pipe involves using a carbon monoxide trap. The gas used is highly toxic to humans, but can be a humane way to kill a rodent. You can place a small chamber in the pipe and close it up. When the carbon dioxide gas fills the chamber, the trapped animal will die within a few minutes.

You should check your local laws before using this method. Some areas do not allow the killing of squirrels, and using this method might violate local laws. While it is legal in many places, it is important to note that squirrels are considered nuisance animals, and can cause a number of problems in a home. For example, squirrels can cause huge malfunctions of electrical systems by chewing on wires and insulation.

If you are unable to get the squirrel out of the pipe, you can also use a cat or dog to chase the squirrel away. Cats and dogs are much harder to catch and control than squirrels. Even if you use a cat or dog to kill a squirrel, it’s usually frowned upon. So, it’s best to use this method only if all other options have failed.

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