How To Kill Montana Ground Squirrel

How to Kill a Montana Ground Squirrelhow to kill montana ground squirrel

If you are wondering how to kill a Montana ground squirrel, there are several methods available. These methods include Fumigation, Live capture traps, Shooting, and Bait stations. Listed below are some of the most common methods used to get rid of ground squirrels. To learn more about these methods, read on! And remember, when in doubt, kill the animal humanely! Here are some of the most effective and humane ways to kill a ground squirrel:


One method for killing ground squirrels is fumigation. While it is safe when used properly, fumigants can be hazardous if not handled correctly. These fumes can accumulate in confined spaces and should not be applied under a structure. If a ground squirrel burrow is active, it will also produce a lot of smoke that can be a sign of additional burrow openings.

When using fumigation, the area must be moist, as this will reduce the amount of poison that seeps into the soil. A high moisture level is the ideal environment for fumigants to penetrate, but this method may not be the most practical for some applications. Fumigation can also be dangerous for your dogs, as fumigants can irritate them, resulting in serious side effects.

Live capture traps

One of the most humane ways to kill a ground squirrel is by setting a live trap. You will need to carefully observe the squirrel’s burrow to locate the entrance. Place the closed end of the trap over the entrance and prop the other end of the trap up with a block of wood or other suitable object. The squirrel will push itself through the door to enter the trap. Make sure to read and follow local regulations before using a live trap.

When using live capture traps to kill a ground squirrel, it’s best to use bait to attract the animal to the bait. A variety of tasty foods, such as peanut butter, will attract the squirrels. After setting the trap, wait for the animal to scuttle into the trap. This method may be more effective than using dead traps, but it’s not foolproof. If you can’t wait for the squirrel to fall in the trap, you may want to hire a professional to do the job for you.


Although the use of firearms is permitted in some states, shooting a ground squirrel is rarely an effective method of controlling this pest. Although shooting these ground squirrels may be a fun and enjoyable recreational activity, it is both expensive and time-consuming. While shooting ground squirrels will reduce their population until late summer, it will not remove the juvenile ground squirrels from their burrows. The juveniles will then repopulate the areas where they were shot.

Most studies of the effects of hunting on scavengers focus on large mammal carcasses, but millions of small mammals are also shot for recreation and damage control. While most of the shots eject large amounts of carrion, the bodies of these animals are left behind, often with bullet fragments embedded in them. Bullet fragments can be dangerous, containing lead from bullet fragments. Shooting a ground squirrel can cause serious injury or death.

Bait stations

If you’re looking for a humane way to kill a ground squirrel in your yard, try using bait stations. These stations are made of plastic and feature a child-resistant lid. Because ground squirrels love to browse in and around food containers, they may be attracted to this particular bait station. The bait is designed to look natural to them and may even be enticing enough to convince them to eat it.

When the ground squirrel forages for food, it may be near its den. Ground squirrels do not dig burrows, so they don’t usually leave them if they’re not hungry. Bait stations are effective in controlling this pest, and they work by luring the ground squirrels out of their homes. However, if the ground squirrel is not active, you can leave a bait station nearby.

Other methods of controlling ground squirrels

For more information on controlling montana ground squirrels, check out MSU Extension Service publications and the Montana Department of Agriculture. Your local hardware store or farm representative is a gold mine for information on controlling ground squirrels. If you’re experiencing an infestation, it’s best to start early and be consistent in applying these methods. Aside from pesticides, traps are also an effective means of controlling these rodents.

Poison baits are also an effective method of controlling ground squirrels. These poisons are most effective during the spring and summer, when ground squirrels are primarily feeding on seeds. Poisons should only be used after careful consideration to prevent poisoning other animals, including small children. Be sure to use poisons correctly – put them directly into the den, not in tall grasses or other areas. Follow directions on the labels to ensure that the poison is not harmful to the non-target animals.

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