How to Kill a Squirrel in Your Homehow to kill squirrel

If you want to kill a squirrel in your home, you should be aware of the laws regarding animal control. If you do not have a permit to kill squirrels, you may get arrested. Instead, you should use the proper exclusion methods to get rid of the odor and carcasses. You can find out more information about proper exclusion methods in this article. The following are some tips to eliminate a squirrel from your home.

Snap traps

Snap traps are designed to catch mice, rats, and squirrels. They can be purchased at your local hardware or feed store. While snap traps can kill a squirrel instantly, they are not safe for use around children or pets. To ensure your safety, purchase snap traps in rat and mouse sizes. Snap traps can be placed anywhere squirrels play and gnaw, and can kill 99 percent of the animals trapped in them.

To catch a squirrel with a snap trap, first prepare the bait traps. Prepare peanut butter for the bait. Peanut butter is a bait that is very tempting to squirrels. But before setting up the trap, make sure it’s fully loaded with peanut butter. Squirrels can carry lice and fleas, so be sure to wear gloves to avoid coming into contact with the animal’s body fluids or parasites.

Live cage traps

While live-catch cage traps can help you catch a squirrel in the act, they can also be dangerous for homeowners. It is important to set the trap properly so that the animal is not injured during the process. A fast trigger mechanism helps ensure a high retention rate. Live cages are a more humane way to kill squirrels, though they should only be used during non-breeding seasons.

These traps are made of galvanized steel so they are durable and resistant to rust or corrosion. A steel plate protects the trigger rod from damage. The squirrel trap is 17 inches long, but scientists recommend a 24-inch cage. It can also be used to catch stray cats, groundhogs, opossums, chipmunks, and other animals. The cost of these traps is cheaper than other types of cages, but you need to set the trap correctly and remove the animal after the trapping.

Apple cider vinegar

This eco-friendly method is a cheap alternative to paying a professional pest control service. A solution of apple cider vinegar mixed with water can deter squirrels by releasing a foul odor. Spray the solution in a spray bottle near the entry points. Repeat this as necessary, but make sure to refresh it after rain. It is important to keep the vinegar solution fresh before applying it to any hard surfaces. The mixture is also effective for deterring rodents and deer.

A spray made of a mixture of white vinegar and apple cider is another natural repellent. This can be applied directly to plants or diluted to coat the entire garden. It is important to avoid direct sunlight and hot days. If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, you can also mix it with garlic and sprinkle it around. You can even use crushed garlic cloves as a repellent for squirrels. But make sure to follow the directions on the label!


If you’ve ever wondered how to kill squirrels, then this article is for you. Mint is known as a natural repellent for squirrels. Its strong scent causes the animals to flee a particular area, but regular mints are not enough to deter them. Make your own homemade mint repellent and spray it on your fence, plants, and other areas that squirrels might frequent. This method will keep the rodents away for good!

Another effective repellent for squirrels is peppermint, which is less potent than essential oils. While peppermint is great for repelling squirrels, you should make sure to use it sparingly, as its scent is not very strong. Try planting a few plants and scatter them among those that squirrels may be disturbing. It may also help to mix peppermint with garlic or another strong-smelling herb. Do not use this repellent on hot days or in direct sunlight, however.


Before you decide to use a poison to get rid of a squirrel infestation, make sure you know which kind you have. There are three main types of squirrels: flying, ground, and tree. Each has a different diet and habits. Using the right poison for one species is not necessarily effective for another. While all squirrels are omnivorous, they aren’t as wary of new things as rats are.

To use rat poison, make sure you purchase a specific type of product that is specifically formulated to kill squirrels. This poison usually contains zinc phosphide, which is not safe for use around people’s homes. The type of poison you use should be able to kill a squirrel on its first feeding. The more than one squirrel you have in your attic, the more expensive the treatment is. Therefore, you can try other methods to get rid of squirrels and keep them out.

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