How To Knock Out A Squirrel

How to Knock Out a Squirrel With CO Gas how to knock out a squirrel

If you want to kill a squirrel, one of the best methods is to use blunt force trauma. Using a hammer or a blunt object, you can squish the rodent’s brain with enough force to kill it. But be careful not to injure the squirrel while using the hammer. If you accidentally hit it in the head, the rodent will die. You can always use another object to hit it, such as a door from a different room.


To trap a squirrel, firstly, set up a bait station with two to four pounds of bait pellets. Place the stations near active burrow openings, 20 to 100 feet apart. Then, use the bait to attract squirrels to the trap. Place bait pieces in the trap’s entrance and loop, and check the stations daily. If you see any signs of feeding, set the trap.

To use poisoned bait, apply the bait near the entry to its den. The poisons should be applied in the early spring, when ground squirrels are likely to be active and feeding on seeds. However, be aware that they may cause harm to other animals, especially small children. Also, remember to place the baits directly into the den and not spread them in tall grass. Always follow label instructions, and do not place the bait in a high-traffic area where other animals will eat it.

Using a door from another room

If you’ve seen a gray squirrel in your house, the first thing you should do is find a way to let it out through a door in another room. Squirrels don’t like being in an area where there is a lot of human activity. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try to help the little rodent out. Make sure that the area where the squirrel has taken up residence is free of food and pets.

Next, you should block the entrance to the squirrel’s room using a plywood or particle board door barrier. If you cannot find a door with a similar material, you can make your own. Get one from ACES or Tomahawk Trap Co. You’ll need to buy hardware cloth in bulk, so make sure that you leave a gap of two inches at the bottom of the door.

Using a lethal snap trap

While euthanizing a trapped squirrel can be a quick and humane method of pest control, it is important to consider the animal’s welfare and the safety of humans. If the squirrel is trapped in an area that isn’t completely secure, euthanizing it in this way will minimize the animal’s pain and suffering and limit the risk to the human.

Although it may seem easier to simply poison a squirrel, this method is not recommended, as it can cause serious harm to pets, small children, and homeowners. And it can leave a dead body in your yard. Instead of putting poison in your traps, try trapping instead. A lethal snap trap works in just a few minutes, and it’s safer than poisoning.

First, find a squirrel’s preferred hiding spot. If the squirrel lives in a tree, he/she is likely to travel in the same area as your trap. Typically, a squirrel’s preferred travel paths are the base of a tree, a fence near a bird feeder, or a damaged house. Place the trap on these locations, and if the squirrel refuses to leave, it will be more likely to get away.

Using CO

Often considered the humanest method of killing a squirrel, CO gas deprives them of oxygen. The squirrel is confirmed dead when its pulse ceases. The other method is to drop a heavy object on their head. Both methods are effective but have certain risks. Here are a few things to remember when using CO to kill a squirrel. Here are some tips to knock out the rodent in a humane manner:

Firstly, use a repellent that is safe for people. Ammonia is highly effective when used in combination with other repellents. The squirrel’s natural defense is to avoid light sources. However, if the squirrel lives near a window or in a dark corner, direct a light towards it using a flashlight. You can also play loud music or talk radio stations to cause them to run away.

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