How To Make A Corn Cob Squirrel Feeder

How to Make a Corn Cob Squirrel Feeder

Easy DIY squirrel feeder

If you are looking for a simple and easy to make squirrel feeder, you can use a fishing line or a twisted coat hanger. You can attach a corn cob to a piece of fishing wire, making sure to leave slack in the wires. Attach the corn cob to the bungee cord, leaving it long enough for the squirrel to get to the food. Once the squirrels have found the corn, they’ll perform acrobatics to get to it.

An inexpensive feeder can be made out of scrap wood, a few screws, and corn. Simply measure the distance between the two pieces of wood and nail them in place. If you don’t have scrap wood lying around, use a flat piece of wood to serve as a support or a cover for loose ends. This feeder is perfect for children and adults who love birds. Make it as a family project and enjoy watching the squirrels suck it up!

How To Make A Corn Cob Squirrel Feeder


If you want to feed your neighborhood’s squirrels, there are many easy and affordable ways to build one. For a cheap and easy feeder, you can cut a piece of wood to about five inches by one inch by four feet. Cut the wood into five pieces: the back piece, the base, the lid, and the side pieces. Drill two holes, one inch in from the top, and a second hole 7 inches below the first.

The front, sides, and base pieces should be assembled first, then fastened with 1-5/8-inch galvanized deck screws. If you use cedar for the feeder, drill a few pilot holes before you begin driving the screws into the wood. Make sure to drill a hole in each corner before you begin driving screws. Make sure to use a screw that will stay tight once driven in. Then, install the lid.


Creating a squirrel feeder from a corn cob is easy, but the most difficult part is creating the hangout area for the squirrel. You can build one by following a video tutorial. The main ingredients you will need are corn cobs, cedarwood, and 2.5-inch stainless steel screws. Build a small table, and attach it to the tree using a screw. Once the table is attached, skewer a corn cob and put it on the table.

You can also make a simple squirrel feeder out of a mason jar, a wire, and a fork. One of the best parts about this feeder is the fact that it can be made very quickly. It’s a fun project to watch, and if you’ve never made a feeder before, this is the easiest way to get started. Make sure you measure carefully and measure twice before deciding on how big the corn cob should be.

Attracting squirrels

If you are trying to attract squirrels, then it is important to make a feeder for them. You can use scrap wood and screws to make your squirrel feeder. Make sure the base is perpendicular to the ground and that the corn is screwed into the wood. You can also use a flat piece of wood to support the feeder and to hide loose ends. Make sure to use small kernels, as larger ones can easily get stuck in the holes.

To make a squirrel feeder, first you need a piece of wood that has the shape and size of a corn cob. If you can’t find a corn cob, you can use a cigar box or metal coffee can. A wooden spoon will also do just fine. If you are able to get some scrap wood, that’s even better. If you want to attract squirrels in a more permanent manner, you can buy a commercial feeder.

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What items do you need to make a corn cob squirrel feeder?

You will need a corn cob a drill a dowel rod some wire and a nut.

How do you drill a hole in the corn cob for the dowel rod?

First you need to find the center of the cob and mark it.

Then using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the dowel rod drill a hole straight through the cob.

How to make a corn cob Squirrel feeder?

Once you have drilled the hole in the cob insert the dowel rod into it.

If the fit is tight you can use a hammer to tap it in.

If the fit is too loose you can use some wire to secure the dowel rod in place.

What is the purpose of the dowel rod?

The dowel rod will serve as the perch for the squirrels to sit on while they eat.

How do you attach the nut to the corn cob?

First screw the nut onto the dowel rod.

Make sure that it is tight so that it does not come loose.

Then using a drill bit that is slightly larger than the wire drill a hole through the cob and thread the wire through.

Wrap the wire around the nut a few times and then secure it in place.

What is the purpose of the wire?

The wire is used to secure the nut to the cob so that the squirrels can’t just spin it off and eat the whole thing at once.

How do you hang the squirrel feeder?

There are a few different ways that you can do this.

You can either tie the wire to a tree branch or you can screw a hook into the tree and loop the wire over it.

What type of food do you put in a squirrel feeder?

You can put any type of seed nut or even fruit in the squirrel feeder.

How often do you need to refill the feeder?

It depends on how many squirrels are using it but you should check it every few days to see if it needs to be refilled.

Do squirrels like corn cobs?

Yes squirrels love corn cobs!

What other types of animals will eat from a squirrel feeder?

Depending on the type of food that you put in the feeder you may also attract birds chipmunks and other small animals.

Will the squirrels fight over the feeder?

squirrels are generally very territorial so it is possible that they will fight over the feeder.

However if there is enough food to go around they should be fine.

What happens if a squirrel falls off the feeder?

If a squirrel falls off the feeder it will likely just climb back up.

However if the fall is from a great height it could be injured.

Do squirrels like to share?

No squirrels are not known for being very sharing creatures.

They will usually only allow one squirrel at a time on the feeder.

What is the best time of day to watch the squirrels?

The best time of day to watch the squirrels is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

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