how to make a electric squirrel proof bird feeder pdf

How to Make a Electric Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder PDF how to make a electric squirrel proof bird feeder pdf

If you’re wondering how to make an electric squirrel proof bird feeder, read on. This article provides you with an introduction to this type of feeder, maintenance, and how to choose the right one for your needs. By the end of this article, you’ll be prepared to build and maintain your new bird feeder without worry about squirrels ever again. We’ve also provided links to dozens of PDF guides for you to use in building your own bird feeder.

Guide to building a squirrel-proof bird feeder

A squirrel-proof bird feeder is the best way to discourage a hungry critter from stealing your birdseed and suet. While squirrels are not as determined as we are, they can still cause a lot of damage to your feeders. Because squirrels can jump 10 feet in the air, it is important to build a feeder at least 10 feet away from a point where a squirrel could jump.

There are several methods of creating a squirrel-proof bird feeder. One option is to make a bird feeder from copper pipe. A squirrel will often jump on wires or even from feeders, so a double baffle is the most effective way to deter them. Make sure that the feeder’s baffles are separated by three feet to avoid the squirrel from getting between them. Alternatively, you can use glass plates and copper pipe.

Squirrels can also access a bird feeder from a tree, power lines, or a tree. This is a major drawback of bird feeders, but fortunately, there are ways to keep squirrels out. A squirrel repellent pole can be an excellent solution for this problem. The squirrel will be moved back to the ground by moving down the pole. You can also try installing a squirrel-proof bird feeder five feet off the ground. A study by Birds and Blooms showed that a squirrel cannot jump higher than five feet off the ground. This means that a squirrel-proof bird feeder will increase the amount of food that a squirrel will consume.

Maintenance of a squirrel-proof bird feeder

Maintaining a squirrel-proof bird feeder can be time-consuming. While you may like to see birds and enjoy watching them feed, it’s always best to keep the feeder clean and free from debris. Squirrels are not fond of safflower, nyjer seeds, or white proso millet. However, you can also buy squirrel-repellent seeds that you can mix in with standard sunflower seeds.

You should always remember to change the batteries regularly for your squirrel-proof bird feeder. It’s better to keep fresh seeds in the feeder than to risk attracting unwanted rodents. Moreover, you should keep the feeder clean and well-organized. Inspect your feeder daily for dirt and debris. Don’t forget to clean it properly, as spilled food can attract unwanted rodents. Bird droppings can also spread disease among birds.

You should also lubricate the poles of your squirrel-proof bird feeder. This way, they won’t be able to climb up the pole. If you’re placing a squirrel-proof feeder on a pole, you should hang it over ten feet from branches. If your feeder is hanging from a tree, you should hang it from a metal pole. This will keep the feeder off the ground and away from any branches.

Choosing a squirrel-proof bird feeder

The main reason why you should invest in a squirrel-proof bird feeder is to avoid damage. Grey squirrels are well-known for eating bird seed and can even destroy plastic feeders. A squirrel proof feeder is usually constructed with a large cage around the central feeder, and it is approved by the RSPB. You can also build a squirrel-proof feeder yourself. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase one, keep these tips in mind.

The squirrel-proof bird feeder comes in many shapes and sizes, and is an excellent way to prevent squirrels from eating your seeds. They can be mounted on a deck, placed in an outdoor patio, or even installed on a window. Listed below are some of the most popular models available. Consider the material, design features, and seed capacity to determine the best option for your property. A squirrel-proof bird feeder will deter the most squirrels, so choose a model that’s made with strong materials and a heavy-duty design.

Another option is to add baffles and cayenne pepper to bird feeders. If you’re still worried that squirrels will reach the seeds, you can place a sprinkle of cayenne pepper inside the feeder to scare them away. These options are more expensive, but are worth it if you’re determined to protect your birds. With a few extra precautions, a squirrel-proof feeder can protect your yard from a serious infestation.

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