How To Make A Pink Squirrel Drink

How to Make a Pink Squirrel Drinkhow-to-make-a-pink-squirrel-drink

If you want to know how to make a pink squirrel drink, you should keep reading. The following are some of the most important ingredients you need. Vanilla ice cream, Hiram Walker’s liqueur, and creme de noyaux. These three ingredients will make your pink squirrel drink a treat. Besides these, there are some other ingredients that you need to know as well. Follow these instructions to create a delicious drink that will be a hit at your next party.

Creme de noyaux

A cocktail known as a pink squirrel is not for everyone, but it is a fun conversation starter. In a shaker, combine creme de noyaux and creme de cacao and add ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh nutmeg, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. If you prefer, you can also add cherry or nutmeg.

The original Pink Squirrel drink is believed to have been invented at the Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The drink’s recipe calls for vanilla ice cream, half an ounce of creme de cacao, one and a half ounces of creme de noyaux. A creme de noyaux is an ingredient that resembles ice cream, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream can give the drink a velvety texture. This drink can be a refreshing post-dinner potion or a great ladies’ night libation.

Vanilla ice cream

A pink squirrel drink is a cocktail similar to the brandy alexander, but it’s not nearly as strong and a much lighter color. You can make the pink squirrel drink for dessert or as an after-dinner drink. To make a pink squirrel, you need to measure out all the ingredients, rim glasses with a little ice and blend them well. Once you’ve blended the ingredients, serve the drink.

The pink squirrel’s flavor comes from creme de noyaux, a red liqueur made from almonds. While it wasn’t always the case, this liqueur was very popular back in the day. If you can’t find the real thing, you can use light cream instead. However, the drink will lose its thick texture if you don’t use the full amount of creme de noyaux.

Creme de cacao

To make the classic Pink Squirrel cocktail, you’ll need two ingredients: creme de noyaux and a little heavy cream. Combine these two ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. For added flair, you can garnish the drink with whipped cream, cherries, or nutmeg. Or you can skip the whipped cream altogether and simply garnish with a cherry.

To make a classic Pink Squirrel, you need three ingredients: almond ice cream, creme de cacao, and half. These ingredients are blended to make the perfect milkshake. The drink is then served with a cherry or maraschino on top and whipped cream. You can also serve it with maraschino cherries or paper straws. It’s the perfect drink for a ladies’ night, or a post-dinner beverage.

Hiram Walker’s

The cocktail’s name suggests that the drink is a gentle, low-proof beverage. If you make 48-proof version, the ABV would be around 10 percent. This drink is a good choice for after-dinner drinks or a nice evening with friends. It also goes down well after a night out on the town. To prepare it, you will need a certain type of liquor. Cream de noyaux, also known as creme de noyau, is used.

A bottle of creme de noyaux will set you back around $15 or $20. Many bars use it, and it has a long history. Originally, creme de noyaux was pink, but after Prohibition, it was called creme de almond. Hiram Walker’s drink recipe includes a bit of creme de noyaux, a former popular liqueur from the nineteenth century with a flavor similar to amaretto and bitter almond. The red color comes from the cochineal insect, which was used as a dye.

Tempus Fugit

The recipe for a Pink Squirrel cocktail has a long history, but if the liqueur were not available at the time, the Pink Squirrel would have faded into cocktail history. Fortunately, Tempus Fugit recently reintroduced Creme de Noyaux liqueur, a ruby red apricot seed liquor. Vanilla ice cream and crème de noyaux add to the drink’s pink color.

The original Pink Squirrel cocktail was created in 1941 by Bryant Sharp in Milwaukee. It’s the most popular cocktail at supper clubs across Wisconsin, and is made with chocolate and almond liqueurs. To make it at home, use 1.5 cups of vanilla ice cream. It takes about the same amount of time to make as a frozen drink, so double or triple the recipe for a crowd.


How much grenadine do you use?

Answer: 1/2 an ounce


How do you make a pink squirrel drink?


To make a pink squirrel drink you will need:

-1/2 an ounce of grenadine

-1 ounce of crème de noyaux

-1 ounce of vodka

-1/2 ounce of heavy cream



Pour the grenadine into a cocktail shaker.


Add the crème de noyaux and vodka.


Fill the shaker with ice and shake well.


Strain into a chilled glass.


Top with the heavy cream.


Serve immediately.

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