how to make a pink squirrel ice cream drink

How to Make a Pink Squirrel Ice Cream Drink how to make a pink squirrel ice cream drink

If you are looking for a simple, yet incredibly tasty way to serve your ice cream, try this recipe. It is a delicious way to show off your culinary skills and indulge in a decadent treat. Try it with a shot of creme de noyaux or Amaretto, for a real treat! If you want to save some money, you can always substitute Tempus Fugit for creme de noyaux.


The Pink Squirrel cocktail is a retro alcoholic beverage, originating in Milwaukee’s Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge in the 1940s. A combination of ice cream and amaretto, it tastes like melted ice cream. If you’re looking for a recipe, check out for a recipe and the history behind the drink.

A classic recipe for the Pink Squirrel includes a shot of amaretto, grenadine, and raspberry syrup. Using this ingredient will produce a pink drink, but it will turn brown. If you’d like to retain the pink color, you can add food coloring to the drink. Grenadine and rose petals are excellent choices for the garnish.


In France, a traditional ice cream drink is called a grenadine and has no almonds. It is equivalent to a creme de noyaux and has a fruity chocolate flavor, compared to the almond-chocolate flavors of most ice cream drinks. One factor that scares some drinkers away from this unusual concoction is its potential for cyanide. It contains a chemical called cyanide, which when digested turns into hydrogen cyanide. Fortunately, the amount is too small to be harmful.

The ingredients for the Pink Squirrel drink are relatively simple and easy to find. The ingredients are usually available in any grocery store. Alternatively, you can make it yourself. You can use any kind of ice cream, which makes it an ideal recipe for those with different preferences. If you are looking for a kid’s version, try using marshmallows or sprinkles. For adults, you can add cherries and rose petals.

Tempus Fugit

A Tempus Fugit ice cream drink has an intriguing flavor. The drink’s liqueur is Tempus Fugit Spirits Creme de Noyaux, a classic 19th century French liqueur made from cherry and apricot pit kernels, bitter almonds, and other botanicals. A swirl of this liqueur over ice creates a complex, slightly bitter flavor.

The drink’s botanical ingredients are derived from bananas, which were traditionally sweetened with sugar. Artificial flavorings made bananas less than ideal, and Tempus Fugit has worked to restore their former reputation. Their modern versions use 19th century recipes and natural ingredients to bring out the flavor and aroma of the original banana. Tempus Fugit’s ice cream drink is delicious on its own, but it’s even better with a cocktail!

Tempus Fugit is a cheaper alternative to creme de noyaux

Creme de noyaux is a classic French liqueur made from the distillates of almonds and cherry kernels. Its flavor is similar to that of amaretto but more intense. Its price tag may put some people off but Tempus Fugit is a cheaper alternative. Tempus Fugit Spirits is also available in the U.S.

This liqueur is based on a 19th century recipe. It has notes of bitter almond and apricot. It is an ideal base for classic cocktails and can be found in liquor stores. While it is not as rich as the real thing, it is still a great alternative to creme de noyaux. If you have a sweet tooth, you can try it in a variety of different ways.


The History of the Pink Squirrel ice cream cocktail is somewhat sketchy. It is claimed to have been invented in the 1940s at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge in Milwaukee, but the drink has since faded into obscurity. This drink is made with creme de noyaux, a 19th century liqueur with a flavor similar to amaretto or bitter almond. The drink also sometimes includes ice cream, chocolate shavings, cherries, and nutmeg.

The recipe for this ice cream drink uses creme de cacao and white creme de noyaux. Vanilla ice cream and heavy cream are also used. The result is a velvety drink that tastes just as good as it looks. It is also a delicious post-dinner potion and a great ladies’ night libation. The history of the Pink Squirrel ice cream drink goes back further than the name would suggest.

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