How To Make A Poll Slippery So A Squirrel Can’t Climb Up

How to Make a Poll Slippy So a Squirrel Can’t Climb UpHow To Make A Poll Slippery So A Squirrel Can’t Climb Up

There are several different ways to protect bird feeders from squirrels. One option is to add a slinky. Safflower seeds, oil, or vaseline can be used to make a bird feeder slippery for squirrels. However, keep in mind that these types of repellents are toxic to wildlife and need to be reapplied every time it rains.

Making a slinky slippery for a squirrel

One way to keep squirrels from climbing up your slinky pole is to make it slippery. You can use products such as Vaseline, WB-40, or axle grease. These products will make the pole slick enough to prevent the squirrel from climbing up. Another trick is to use petroleum jelly as a repellent. Once the squirrels try the repellent it will lose its effectiveness and they will move on to another toy.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also make your slinky slippery yourself. You can add a layer of layered tubing to the pole, or you can spray it with mustard oil or another chemical. In addition, you can also use a lubricant to coat the pole. Either way, your squirrel will not be able to climb up!

Adding a dome baffle to a bird feeder pole

There are many ways to keep squirrels out of your birdfeeders. The glass dome is an attractive choice that protects the contents from the elements. Alternatively, you can install a cylinder-style baffle that slides through the pole and forms an open tunnel. While this baffle is not ideal for squirrels, some birders report great success with it.

Squirrels and raccoons can’t climb a tubular baffle, so they can’t easily reach the top. To prevent this from happening, place the baffle halfway up the pole. If the squirrels manage to get inside the tubular baffle, they won’t be able to continue climbing the pole.

Squirrels are very difficult to deter, and they will try any gymnastic feats to reach their favorite treats. Luckily, these animals follow the path of least resistance. If you hang seed balls, suet balls, in-shell peanuts, acorns, walnuts, and acorns from tree branches, they won’t bother the feeders.

Adding a slinky to a bird feeder pole

One of the most effective ways to prevent squirrels from climbing up a bird feeder pole is to use a slinky. Slinkys are inexpensive toys you can purchase for around $2.99. Simply attach a slinky to the top of the feeder pole, so that the weight of the squirrel will keep the spring from rising. The slinky’s spring should be lower than the feeder pole’s pole, and any squirrel trying to climb the pole will end up weighing it down. You can also purchase slinkys made specifically for this purpose.

Slinkys can be made even more effective by lubricating the pole’s base. You can also coat the pole with mustard oil or other chemicals to make it slippery. A squirrel-proof pole will deter most predators that come to your yard. You must also keep your bird feeder pole 5 feet from the ground. Otherwise, squirrels will climb it like a tree.

Adding a slinky to a slinky

If you’re worried about squirrels climbing up your bird feeder pole, you might want to try using a slinky, a child’s toy that stretches under gravity. It can be quite effective at deterring squirrels. Simply put one at least five feet away from the bird feeder pole and place it in the ground. If a squirrel tries to climb the pole and falls onto the slinky, he will quickly give up.

The best way to deter squirrels from climbing your bird feeder pole is to prevent them from getting the seeds. The best way to do this is to keep your feeder pole clean. It is a natural deterrent for raccoons and other animals, but squirrels are attracted to fallen seed, so keep it clean. In addition to keeping the ground free of fallen seeds, you can install a PVC pipe bird feeder stand to catch falling seeds. PVC pipe is usually hard plastic, so it’s unlikely to give a squirrel a good grip. This will send the squirrels crashing back to the ground.

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