How To Make A Rain Proof Squirrel Feeders From 5 Gallon Bucket

How to Make Rain Proof Squirrel Feeders From a 5 Gallon BucketHow To Make A Rain Proof Squirrel Feeders From 5 Gallon Bucket

When it comes to feeding squirrels, there is no better option than a rain-proof squirrel feeder. It can be built from a 5 gallon bucket, but there are a few important considerations you should keep in mind. One of the most common mistakes is using a single wood screw and using a small bit of glue. In this case, you can use two different wood screws. Moreover, if you use a different type of wood, you may have to drill a pilot hole before driving the screws.

DIY woven squirrel feeder

Rather than a traditional birdfeeder with a pole, you can create a DIY rain-proof squirrel feeder with a 5 gallon bucket. These feeders look like a lantern and are made of steel with a green powder-coated finish to discourage squirrels from chewing on the parts. The base has seven small holes for drainage, and two slots in the back allow you to add screws. There is also a large lid, similar to that of a baffle top bird feeder, which keeps the food dry and out of the rain.

Another way to prevent squirrels from getting into your birdfeeder is to use a squirrel baffle. This is a simple DIY solution, but it works well. Simply coat the entire pole in cooking oil, and the squirrels are discouraged from climbing the pole. This solution works well, and it is very effective. To make a squirrel baffle, you need a 4″ PVC pipe, a 1/2-inch PVC coupler, 10 gauge galvanized wire, 6″ cable ties, and a woodblock.

Woodlink post mount squirrel baffle

If you are in the process of setting up a bird feeder, you may be wondering how you can make it squirrel-proof. It’s actually quite simple if you have a few things on hand. First, you need to analyze the problem. What are the squirrel’s access points? Once you have a clear idea of what your problem is, you can go ahead and start planning your solution. Next, gather your materials and tools. Once you’ve assembled all of the necessary materials, you can start building the feeder.

To make the squirrel feeder more secure, first construct the front and sides of the structure. You can use the channels to assemble the sides. After that, you can attach the rain shield with corner brackets. Remember to drill pilot holes before driving the screws into the wood. This will ensure that no squirrels will fall in and eat your feeder. Once the feeder is built, you can fill it with peanuts in shells, cracked corn, birdseed, or any other food that attracts the squirrels.

Choo-choo train design squirrel feeder

One of the easiest ways to attract squirrels is to provide a squirrel feeder. There are many types of these feeders on the market, but these two models are the most popular and highly recommended. These feeders are made from plastic and feature a bowl-like indentation to hold a cup of mixed nuts and seeds. Unlike other plastic feeders, they will not break or spoil, even after multiple falls.

The platform feeder is one of the most popular types of squirrel feeders. This type of feeder has no walls to hinder the line of sight, making it easy to fill and clean. However, this feeder is also subject to damage from the elements and other wildlife. As a result, you should consider the size of the feeder before purchasing it. A five-gallon bucket can provide approximately four lbs. of food for your squirrels.

APS squirrel feeder pole

The first step in making an APS squirrel feeder pole is to make the base of the pole. To do this, you’ll need a 5 gallon bucket and a few 1-5/8-inch galvanized deck screws. Cedar is prone to splitting and therefore you need to drill pilot holes before driving screws. Next, you’ll want to screw the front and sides together. After all, you don’t want the squirrels to get in through the holes.

Then, attach the auger to the bottom of the pole. Screw in the cross tubes. Make sure the ground isn’t too wet or dry, or else it will be more difficult to screw the pole into the ground. Make sure to use a shepherd’s hook or another kind of screw-driver to attach the pole. Once you have the base of the feeder in place, you can attach the swing-arms.

What supplies are needed to make a rain proof squirrel feeder from a 5 gallon bucket?

Answer 1: You will need a 5 gallon bucket a drill a jigsaw a piece of plexiglass silicone caulk a screw and a nut.

How do you make the holes for the plexiglass on the 5 gallon bucket?

Answer 2: First use the drill to make a hole in the center of the bucket lid.

Then use the jigsaw to make a hole that is large enough to fit the plexiglass.

How do you attach the plexiglass to the 5 gallon bucket?

Answer 3: First put silicone caulk around the edge of the hole on the bucket lid.

Then place the plexiglass over the hole and screw it in place.

What is the purpose of the plexiglass on the 5 gallon bucket?

Answer 4: The plexiglass is used to keep the rain out of the bucket so that the squirrels can still access the food.

How do you fill the 5 gallon bucket with food?

Answer 5: You can fill the bucket with any type of squirrel food such as nuts seeds or fruits.

How often do you need to refill the 5 gallon bucket?

Answer 6: The frequency of refilling will depend on how many squirrels are using the feeder and how often they eat.

What are some signs that it is time to refill the 5 gallon bucket?

Answer 7: If the food level is low or if there are more squirrels than there is food then it is time to refill the bucket.

How do you know if the 5 gallon bucket is rain proof?

Answer 8: To test if the bucket is rain proof place it outside in the rain and see if any water gets inside.

What do you do if water gets in the 5 gallon bucket?

Answer 9: If water does get in the bucket you need to either drill more holes or replace the plexiglass.

What are some other ways to keep the 5 gallon bucket from getting wet?

Answer 10: You can also place the bucket under a tree or a deck to keep it out of the rain.

What happens if the 5 gallon bucket gets wet?

Answer 11: If the bucket gets wet the food will get wet and it will attract bugs.

How do you keep bugs out of the 5 gallon bucket?

Answer 12: You can keep bugs out by using a lid with holes that is big enough for squirrels to get through but too small for bugs.

How do you know if the 5 gallon bucket is big enough for the squirrels?

Answer 13: If the squirrels can fit their head and body through the lid then the bucket is big enough.

What happens if the 5 gallon bucket is too small for the squirrels?

Answer 14: If the bucket is too small the squirrels will not be able to reach the food.

What are some other ways to make a rain proof squirrel feeder?

Answer 15: You can also use a plastic container or a metal can.

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