How to Make a Squirrel Baffle For 4×4 Post

Are you looking for instructions on how to make homemade squirrel baffles for your 4×4 post? These DIY projects are a great way to keep those little critters off your property. You can also find the dimensions of a squirrel baffle on the Internet. In addition, you will have an idea of the height of the squirrel baffle above the ground. Luckily, making your own squirrel baffle isn’t that hard!

Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle

The Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel – For a 4×4 post, this textured powder coated steel squirrel baffle is perfect for keeping squirrels out of your bird feeder. You can hang it anywhere and it snaps together so you don’t need to remove the feeder. Moreover, it prevents squirrels from getting into your bird feeder, and it also protects the bird seed you’ve placed inside it.

This 16-inch squirrel baffle is designed to keep rodents out of your bird feeder. Made from high-end plastic, this baffle is rust resistant and is coated with a non-skid powder to prevent the squirrels from slipping. This baffle also comes with a black coupler that secures it to the pole or shepherd’s hooks.

Audubon Torpedo Steel Squirrel Baffle

Whether you have a garden, a backyard, or both, you can keep squirrels and racoons out of your yard. You can use a squirrel baffle to keep them out of the areas where you place your feeders. A standard-sized baffle will not work well in these situations. A torpedo-shaped baffle will work well.

The torpedo squirrel baffle is a six-inch diameter unbroken cylinder that sits on a clamp or coupler underneath. The coupler seems weak and needs to be stronger to hold the squirrel baffle firmly in place. A shepherd’s hook feeder will require you to pull the feeder out of the ground to install a torpedo, but it is easy to mount from the bottom.

A torpedo baffle also works well with the EasyGo squirrel feeder. This squirrel baffle is 17 inches in diameter, making it ideal for large squirrels to stretch and climb the pole. It also has a wobble feature to prevent flying squirrels from jumping off the pole. It can also be used on a 4×4 post. These squirrel guards have stainless steel hardware to secure them.

Homemade squirrel baffle projects

Building homemade squirrel baffles for your front or back yard is not a difficult project. All you need is a plan and some materials. These materials may include small pieces of artificial tree, silicone waterproof boards, wood glue, nails, and screwdrivers. Acrylic paint markers can be used to decorate the baffle. If you’re handy with a saw, you can ask a woodworker to help you out.

You can purchase ready-made squirrel baffles or make your own using materials from around your home. Slinkys can be used as baffles. You can shorten them so that they won’t touch the ground. You can then place them in strategic places around the yard to discourage squirrels from climbing poles. DIY squirrel baffles are easy to install and are a good way to create a squirrel barrier for your yard.

Height of squirrel baffle from ground

A squirrel baffle will prevent the squirrels from climbing poles and will keep your birds safe from damage. You can buy or make one from scratch, and these can be placed at any height you like. A common method is to drill a hole in a $1 bowl, slip it into the pole that holds the bird feeder, and secure it with clamps. This method will keep the squirrels from accessing the feeder.

Before building a squirrel baffle, analyze your situation. Think about the squirrel’s access point, and then plan how to best prevent it from getting in. Next, gather your materials and tools. Then, start building! The process is easy. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as the squirrel does! Keep reading to learn how to build a squirrel baffle. You’ll be glad you did.

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