How to Make a Squirrel Baffle

How to Make a Squirrel Baffle 20" Clear Squirrel Baffle

The first step to preventing squirrels from attacking your bird feeders is to install a squirrel baffle. This deterrent is easy to make with inexpensive materials. You will need a round duct cap and a metal pipe. You can also use metal can lids or even an old window. Depending on the diameter of your pole, you can use different types of clamps. This will prevent squirrels from getting into your feeders.

If you don’t want to invest in a squirrel baffle, you can always use an inverted bowl or a plastic bowl. A screwdriver will do the trick and create an inverted cone shape. The resulting “balloon” shape will deter squirrels from climbing your feeder poles. If you want a larger baffle, you can use a stainless steel mixing bowl and attach it to a pole with L brackets.

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Once you have the materials for the baffle, you can begin assembling it. A sheet metal screw is recommended to keep the squirrels out. A hose clamp is necessary to secure the baffle in place. You will also need a hole saw and a large drill bit. The drill bit you use should be bigger than the diameter of the feeder pole, but a small one should work as well. Carefully drill the holes and use a hammer to secure the baffle.

Alternatively, you can use copper mesh, which will stop the squirrels from biting through the metal. These thin sheets are easily stuffed into different shapes and sizes. You can also use expandable foam to cover the edges of the feeder pole. Once the foam is installed, you can paint it to prevent water from seeping through the cracks. There are no limits on the colors you can choose when it comes to your squirrel-free backyard.

A squirrel baffle can be easily made from galvanized pipe. The process is simple and effective. You just need to install it on a tree branch or bracket, and then hang the bird feeder on its own hook. If the squirrels aren’t already eating your bird feeders, you can use this simple trick to deter them. By placing it on top of the pole, the squirrel will have no option but to climb up the pole.

A squirrel baffle will help prevent squirrels from climbing over poles. It will prevent the animal from gaining access to the bird feeder. It is important to use the right materials for making a squirrel baffle. You will need a 4″ diameter plastic drain pipe, a 1/2″ PVC coupler, PVC glue, and a 4″ PVC cap. You will also need some 10 gauge galvanized wire and a woodblock.

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