How To Make A Squirrel Free Bird Feeder

How to Make a Squirrel-Free Bird FeederHow To Make A Squirrel Free Bird Feeder

A squirrel-free bird feeder can be fun for you and for the birds, but the squirrels are hard to avoid. They love sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, fruit, and even nuts. The good news is that there are ways to keep them away. Read on to learn how to make a squirrel-free bird feeder. The best solution is to keep the feeder out of the reach of the squirrels.

Cayenne pepper

Adding Cayenne pepper to your bird seed is one way to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder. While most squirrels will gnaw their paws off to avoid the pain, it is a humane and less damaging alternative. Adding a small amount of cayenne pepper to the bird seed might not have much of an effect. However, as the amount of cayenne increases, squirrels will be less attracted to your feeder.


One simple solution to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder is to grease the pole. You can use any type of household oil or grease, but a natural oil is ideal. This is not only safe for birds, but also eliminates the smell. It is also one of the easiest and quickest ways to keep squirrels from climbing your poles. So, what is lubrication? The process begins by coating the poles with a thin layer of petroleum jelly or grease.


If you want to attract songbirds to your backyard, a copper makes a squirrel free bird feeder may be the perfect solution. A metal cage around the seed tube prevents squirrels from accessing the food, but still allows the birds to reach it. This feeder can also be placed in your aquarium. The materials needed to make a squirrel free bird feeder are listed in the video description. Read on to find out how to build one yourself!


In an effort to protect your birds from squirrels, you can build a squirrel free bird feeder. First, make sure that your feeder is mounted on a pole that squirrels cannot easily climb. A slinky or some other type of unstable object can be hung from the pole to prevent the animals from climbing. Another way to discourage squirrels from climbing your bird feeder is to use a fence to surround your birdfeeder.

Copper poles

If you’d like to make your own squirrel-proof bird feeder, copper poles can be a great option. The copper will quickly patina if it’s exposed to salt water. The feeder can be moved around and added to over time, but it’s easy to make the pole flimsy by adding additional limbs. To add more stiffness to the pole, you can solder the ends of the limbs together.

Spinning hooks

You can create a squirrel-free bird feeder by hanging it on a pole that reaches five feet off the ground. A squirrel cannot jump over that height. It can’t jump over anything that is eight feet above the ground, so you should place your feeder on a pole that has at least that much clearance. You can also make your own squirrel baffles using toy slinkies.

PVC poles

If you’re looking for a way to discourage squirrels from eating from your bird feeder, try installing a squirrel baffle. This can be attached to a PVC pole, shepherd’s hook, or any other type of pole. This way, squirrels won’t be able to climb up the pole. But it won’t stop them from trying! And the best part? Building this feeder will cost you only $20!

Copper hangers

If you’re looking for a squirrel-free bird feeder, copper hangers are the answer. These sturdy, metal hangers are made of 21 pieces of copper pipe. YouTuber Chris Notap designed this feeder with a triangle of 1.5″ pipe disks to deter squirrels from climbing through the opening. While most small birds can get through the one-to-1.5″ holes, the two-inch-wide ones will allow squirrels to squeeze through easily. The sanded edges keep birds safe from scrapes.

Distance from trees

You might think that a feeder is a good place for birds to gather their food, but squirrels can destroy your backyard with a little effort. In fact, they can leap up to nine feet and can cover five feet from the ground to a tree, so placing your feeder more than ten feet from a tree is a good idea. Also, be sure to keep the feeders full and away from your home and trees.


If you are looking for a way to deter squirrels from your feeder, you can use wires and screws to build one. You can use 18 gauge wire if you are using one that is high enough off the ground or far enough from a support. Use wire that is sturdy enough to hold 75 pounds, like galvanized wire. You can purchase this wire at the dollar store. If you are using a different type of wire, you can use a stronger fishing line which is not as flexible and therefore is harder for squirrels to grip.

What kind of bird feeder will keep squirrels away?

A squirrel proof bird feeder.

What are some common ways to make a bird feeder squirrel proof?

By using a weight-sensitive perch baffles or a cage around the feeder.

How can I make a weight-sensitive perch for my bird feeder?

By using a wire or pipe that is bent at a 90 degree angle and attaching it to the bottom of the feeder.

What is a baffle and how do I use it to make my bird feeder squirrel proof?

A baffle is a barrier that goes around the bird feeder and prevents squirrels from getting to the food.

How do I make a cage to put around my bird feeder?

By using hardware cloth or chicken wire and making a cylinder around the feeder.

How can I keep squirrels from raiding my bird feeder?

By making sure that the bird feeder is properly squirrel proofed.

What is the best type of bird food to use in a feeder?

Choosing a bird food that squirrels don’t like such as safflower seed or thistle seed.

How often should I clean my bird feeder?

At least once a week and more often if it is dirty.

How can I tell if my bird feeder is dirty?

If there is mold on the bird food or the feeder itself it needs to be cleaned.

How do I clean my bird feeder?

First empty the feeder completely and then wash it with soap and water.

Rinse it well and let it air dry.

Why is it important to clean my bird feeder?

Keeping the feeder clean will help prevent the spread of disease.

How can I keep squirrels from destroying my bird feeder?

By putting the bird feeder in a location that is out of reach of squirrels such as on a pole or in a tree.

What should I do if I find a squirrel in my bird feeder?

Remove the squirrel from the area and clean the feeder immediately.

What are some foods that squirrels like to eat?

Squirrels like to eat nuts seeds and fruits.

What can I do if squirrels are still getting to my bird feeder?

Try a different squirrel proofing method or location for the feeder.

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