How to Make a Squirrel Nest Box

You may be wondering how to build a squirrel’s nest box. These boxes are beautifully crafted, but they must be large enough for the squirrels. You must also make sure that they are warm, and have good drainage. The entrance should be large enough for the squirrel to use. The planks should be 3/4″ thick for insulation and have a slanted edge on one side. If you are using chemicals to treat the wood, you’ll need to keep in mind that the pesticides will attract predators.

How to Make a Squirrel Nest Box

Easy Way To Make Squirrel Nest Box

Start by preparing scrap pieces of wood. The strips should be 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. These pieces will help the young squirrels get in and out of the box. If you don’t have scrap wood, you can use sections of 3/4-inch quarter-round trim. Next, measure one inch from the top of the front piece. Cut a hole of three inches using a 3-inch hole saw bit.

Once you have the materials, you can start building the squirrel nest box. For the exterior, cut two vinyl tubes. The first one should be installed through the top hole. The second one should be placed through the right bottom hole. Once the interior is completed, the outside piece of wood can be added. Then, mount the nest box to the young tree or other structure nearby. The purpose of the nest box is to provide a safe place for the squirrels to live. Besides providing shelter, the nest boxes don’t need to be expensive and fancy. In fact, simple wooden boxes will do just as well.

Once the interior is completed, install a tree tie into the box. The tie should be placed inside the squirrel house and the exterior part of the box. Then, insert the wooden tubes through the holes on the outside. Twist the ends and push them out the bottom hole facing the tree. Then, you can add another tie through the top holes. Then, fill the nest box with dry leaves and place it on a nearby tree. Then, attach a clean-out door and you’re done!

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To make a squirrel-friendly nest box, you’ll need to buy some scrap wood. First, cut a 1-inch strip of wood and make sure to place it along the grain. These strips will help the baby squirrels get into the box. You can also use 3/4-inch quarter-round trim instead of small pieces. To build a squirrel-friendly house, you’ll need to use lumber with an opening that is at least 3 inches wide.

To make a squirrel nest box, you need to make sure that it has a suitable location for the animals to live. A mature tree is an ideal place for a squirrel to build its home, but it is not necessary to place one in the middle of your backyard or garden. It is possible to mount the box on a young tree. In addition, a nesting box can also be placed on a fence or other structure.

Final Thoughts

When making a squirrel-friendly nest box, create the proper structure for the squirrels to live in. The design should be as natural as possible, and it should be as large as the trunk of a tree. Then, the box should be lined with dry leaves and be at least six inches above the ground. If possible, make the nest box close at the top so that it won’t get knocked down.

Once you have the basic structure of the nest box in place, you can begin building the interior. Essentially, a squirrel condo is made with a small platform on top and a large nest at the bottom. The two structures are shaped to allow the mother to have access to her babies. In addition, the boxes should also be weather-resistant. A natural tree is preferred, so the best place for a squirrel’s nest is in a tree that grows naturally and in a mature location.


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