How To Make A Squirrel Picnic Table

How to Make a Squirrel Picnic TableHow To Make A Squirrel Picnic Table

You can learn how to build a squirrel picnic table with scrap wood, glue, and Squirrel logs. This article will help you build this unique table for your backyard. If you want to know more about squirrels, read this article to learn the basic steps. Glue and wood scraps are the most important materials for this project. Wood scraps are another important ingredient. If you want a unique table that’s unique to you, try using recycled wood.

Build a squirrel picnic table

If you are looking for a new outdoor furniture option, why not try building a squirrel picnic table? These little tables look like miniature human-size picnic tables. They feature wide seats and a flat eating surface. These tables are made of cedar wood and are easy to mount on railings or trees. You can add an optional mounted pail for your picnic food and corn on the cob. The finished tables measure approximately 10″ long, 8″ wide, and 6″ tall.

I used scrap wood from my carpentry business to build a picnic table for my squirrel friends. I was surprised that they were so sophisticated and used it as a dining table. Most of the squirrels just sat on walnuts and pistachios, but I did see one squirrel seated at the table and eating from it. It was an elated sight to see! Once my table was built, I began noticing more squirrels on my patio.

Wood scraps

A tiny table and chair made of leftover lumber can be used to attract squirrels to your yard. Just nail the table to the bottom board and insert an ear of corn. The table will remain in place as the squirrel sits and eats the corn. You can also include other squirrel-friendly items such as nuts and berries. After all, you’re bringing joy to the squirrels’ lives!

The wood scraps made into the table are cheap and easy to find. They can be bought unfinished or stained to your preferred color. The design of the table is simple farmhouse-style and comes with little buckets for corn. You can even make one for the squirrels themselves! Depending on the type of wood you use, you can add a finish to the wood to protect it from weathering. Wood scraps are the best material to use, and you can find them at almost any home improvement store.


A simple and inexpensive way to attract wild squirrels to your backyard is to build a table for them in your own backyard. First, drill a hole in the center of the table’s bottom. Next, use a long 3-inch screw to attach a clay pot or wooden pail to the table. This way, the treats can be securely held. Once the table is finished, you can add a squirrel-friendly design to it.

You’ll need scrap lumber to create a squirrel-friendly table. This simple design will serve as a perfect feeder for the critters in your yard. This picnic table will allow you to fill it with seeds and nuts without worrying about spills, and they won’t mind the mess! Once you’ve completed your squirrel-friendly table, hang it on your yard using two 1/2-inch wood screws, and then fill it with nuts and seeds.

Squirrel logs

There are many advantages to making a squirrel picnic table from squirrel logs. They are natural, weather-resistant, and can be mounted to a deck, fence, or tree. A squirrel picnic table can be as small as six inches long, nine inches wide, and eight inches tall, and is the perfect size for feeding grey squirrels. You can even use it to hold a corn cob.

A great thing about this project is that kids can help, and they will love attracting adorable squirrels to your yard. Even better, you can even buy a squirrel bench to attract more of these cute animals to your yard. Just remember not to use exposed fasteners. This may not hold up as long in weather that experiences freeze-thaw cycles. Also, the sap wood of the tree will not last very long.

Bird feeder

For the most part, domesticated animals are given the royal treatment, including delicious dog food and comfortable beds, but not all animals are treated the same way. While many people use rodent traps and poison to get rid of them, some wildlife are tolerated or welcomed. In these cases, they may even build custom tables in their backyards! Read on to learn how to build your own. Here are some tips!

The first step is to create your own miniature picnic table. Use scrap wood from around the house. You will need at least two pieces of wood. You may also want to get a bird feeder to attract even more squirrels. Then, attach the feeder to the table with the provided hardware. For a more durable, sturdy table, use screws and nails. You can even include children in the process.

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