How To Make A Squirrel Proof Bird Cake Feeder

How to Make a Squirrel-Proof Bird Cake FeederHow To Make A Squirrel Proof Bird Cake Feeder

To keep the squirrels away from your garden, you can build a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Unlike a regular feeder, squirrel-proof bird cakes should be high and difficult to access. They will have a tough time bouncing on the string and attempting to reach them. You should also use bird seed that squirrels do not like, such as Nyjer seeds. Goldfinches like these types of seeds.

Pre-mixed bird food

When choosing a squirrel-proof bird cake feeder, it’s important to choose a quality brand. Low-quality blends contain filler seeds that birds will never eat. Avoid cracked corn, canary seed, and mystery “grain products.”

One effective method of deterring squirrels is to mix cayenne pepper with the bird seed. The hot pepper is toxic to mammals, but birds are not. You can buy capsaicin-coated bird seed or add cayenne pepper to the bird seed yourself. In addition, make sure to clean areas around your feeder regularly, as squirrels love spilled seed.

A suet feeder is another method. A suet cake feeder has two layers. One of the layers is made of suet, while the other layer is a wire cage. Suet serves as both a bird and squirrel deterrent. Suet attracts several types of birds, including the American Robin, Cardinal, and Woodpecker. Its solidified form helps the birds stay warm during the winter and build nests in the early spring. Suet cakes can also contain any kind of seed, as well as beef or lard, natural peanut butter, and dried fruits.


If you are looking for ways to prevent squirrels from damaging your birdfeeders, one of the best repellents for birds is capsaicin-treated bird food. This substance has long been on the market and has no detrimental effects on human health. However, you have to remember that the squirrels may get attracted to your birdfeeders, even if you make sure that you clean all of the areas where the bird seed usually falls.

Capsaicin is a compound found in hot peppers that acts against both gray and black squirrels. Although capsaicin works against Gray Squirrels, it is also very attractive to many other species. In fact, it increased the number of visits from birds to birdfeeders while preventing Eastern Chipmunks from stealing the seeds. Eastern chipmunks have fur-lined cheek pouches that protect them from the heat.

Squirrel stopper pole

If you have a backyard that attracts a lot of squirrels, it might be time to start looking for ways to repel them. While some people use sticky stuff, these can actually kill the birds! To make your feeder squirrel proof, follow the tips below. You can also add some bird-safe oils or grease to the poles. Squirrels cannot resist the smell, so they will not want to eat your feeder.

Squirrel baffles are an easy way to deter squirrels from feeding on your feeder. Simply install the baffle at least five feet off the ground and squirrels will find it difficult to climb the pole. Another way to make the feeder squirrel-proof is to use a slinky. For as little as $4 on Amazon, you can purchase a slinky and wrap it around the pole.

Suet cage

If you’re thinking about creating a squirrel-proof bird cake feeder for your backyard, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are frustrated with squirrels that snoop around their backyards and take bird food. Though some people are ok with the fact that squirrels take the bird food, others are fed up with the fact that squirrels are stealing more of their food than the birds would prefer. Thankfully, there are ways to make a squirrel-proof bird cake feeder, and a simple diy project is all that’s required.

One of the best ways to prevent squirrels from stealing your seed is to use a suet cake. While it works well to keep the birds out of your seed, the suet cake attracts squirrels and other small animals. If you’re worried about squirrels eating your seed, try purchasing a suet cake feeder instead. It’s great for smaller birds and works perfectly for suet cakes.

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