How to Make a Squirrel Trap Easy

The first step in building a squirrel trap is to gather the supplies. You will need a strong synthetic material such as PVC pipe. Cut the pipe to six feet long and smooth out the sawed edges. Once the pipe is cut, you can add the trap bait. Peanut butter, bird seed, and cereal are all good choices. If you are trying to catch a squirrel, place some cooking oil inside the trap.

After getting the bait, set the trap where you have seen squirrel activity. Place the plugged end of the tube on the ground and the open end against a tree branch. Make sure that the tube is not fully vertical, but rather at about sixty or seventy degrees. This will attract the animal and keep it trapped due to its slippery inner tube. The trap will be ready for the squirrel when he or she comes near it, so it’s important to monitor the squirrel closely.

How to Make a Squirrel Trap Easy

The last step of how to make a squirrel trap is to place it somewhere where the animal travels most often. A squirrel’s favorite routes are at the base of trees, along the fence near a bird feeder, and in the wall near a damaged house. These are the places to place a trap. Once it is set up, it is time to observe the results. A successful trap should not only capture the squirrel but also entice the animal to enter.

After placing the trap, you should set it up in an area where you regularly observe squirrel activity. The open end of the trap should be plugged into the ground and the plugged end should be against a branch. It should be set at a height of about 60 to 70 degrees so the squirrel can’t escape the trap. If the trap is set properly, the squirrel should be trapped in less than half an hour.

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A squirrel trap is the best way to catch squirrels. It does not hurt the animal. It can be made from any plastic material, but PVC pipe works the best. Ensure the pipe is 5 inches in diameter and has a smooth inner surface so that the animals cannot bite through it. You should have a pipe plug or cap on the trap. When the squirrel enters, it will not be able to escape.

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