How To Make A Trap For A Squirrel Easy

How to Make a Trap For a Squirrel Easy

If you’ve been searching for a way to get rid of squirrels on your property, you’ve probably considered making a trap yourself. But how do you make one? There are several ways to do this. Birdseed, Peanut butter, and PVC pipe are the three most common materials used by squirrels. Using them together, you can make a squirrel trap that is sure to catch the squirrel in the act.


Making a squirrel trap is easy, especially if your backyard is populated with birds. To lure squirrels, spread a trail of birdseed or cereal near your bird feeder. Then, place peanut butter or other adhesive on your trap. When squirrels come by, they’ll take the seeds, and the trap will keep them away from your yard. Birdseed and peanut butter are both great bait for trapping squirrels.

Squirrels are often attracted to nuts. They also love to feed on bird feeders, so you can use peanut butter or almond extract on the bread to attract them. Unlike peanut butter, marshmallows are easier for squirrels to snatch, so you’ll find squirrels attracted to them. And the peanut butter will attract more squirrels than the nuts! This easy squirrel trap recipe will help keep your yard free of unwanted squirrels for good!

Another great way to prevent squirrels from raiding your bird feeder is to use soap. Irish Spring soap works great as a repellent. Cut up the cubes and place them inside drawstring pouches. Then, use wood stakes driven at least six inches deep to stop squirrels from reaching the bait. Once the squirrels have no place to hide, they will not be able to raid your bird feeder.

Peanut butter

A squirrel trap is an effective way to catch a squirrel in your yard. You can bait your trap with peanut butter or other ingredients that squirrels love. Peanut butter is an excellent bait because it’s available in most stores and everyone has it in their kitchen. The butter sticks to the bait and attracts the squirrel. Once the squirrel comes near the bait, it will be trapped inside the trap. It’s that simple!

First, buy some peanut butter from the grocery store. It’s cheap enough to buy a jar for $5. You’ll need to spread a little peanut butter onto the pressure plate. The peanut butter is a good choice because squirrels are less likely to snatch it if it’s spread on a surface. When the squirrels take the bait, they’ll be more likely to fall into the trap and spring the trap.

Another alternative to peanut butter is to use popcorn balls. Popcorn is too heavy for squirrels to snag and will encourage them to stay inside the trap. Another great food to offer a squirrel is an orange slice. Any fruit that has a lot of water or juice will attract squirrels. Just make sure that you put the bait in the pan as soon as possible! While peanut butter is the best bait, other edible ingredients are grains and small nuts.

PVC pipe

A squirrel trap is a great way to get rid of a pesky pest. This little creature loves to gnaw on plastic irrigation lines and destroy many plants. To get rid of them, build a trap with PVC pipe. All you need is a power drill and two feet of PVC pipe. This pipe will serve as the base for the trap. After making a hole in one end of the pipe, place a small stick through the other end. Once the squirrel is inside, close the door.

For bait, place peanut butter in the BASE of the trap. Add peanuts in the shell if you wish. Place the trap in an area with squirrels. Place the BASE of the trap near the ground, while the TOP touches the trunk of the tree. Once the trap is secured, bait the trapped squirrel with peanut butter. Then, place a bungee cord to keep it tight.

First, cut a 2 foot piece of PVC pipe to a desired length. Choose a pipe with two holes of approximately 1/4 inch diameter. Make sure to use a piece that has two opposite ends. The 2 inch diameter end of the pipe will be the TOP of the trap. The other end should face up. When assembling the final trap, screw the PVC adapter fitting on one end of the BASE pipe. Next, insert the clean out plug into the threaded part of the adapter fitting. Screw the machine screws through the two holes.

What is the best way to trap a squirrel?

The best way to trap a squirrel is to use a live trap.

What is the best bait to use in a trap for a squirrel?

The best bait to use in a trap for a squirrel is peanut butter.

How big does the trap need to be to catch a squirrel?

The trap needs to be at least 10 inches by 10 inches by 32 inches.

Where should the trap be placed?

The trap should be placed along a wall where the squirrel has been seen traveling.

How often should the trap be checked?

The trap should be checked every 12 hours.

How do you know if you have caught a squirrel?

You know you have caught a squirrel if the door to the trap is shut.

What do you do with a squirrel once you have caught it?

Once you have caught a squirrel you should release it at least five miles away from your home.

What should you do if the trap is empty?

If the trap is empty you should move it to a different location.

What should you do if the trap is full?

If the trap is full you should release the squirrel and reset the trap.

What should you do if you catch more than one squirrel?

If you catch more than one squirrel you should release them all at least five miles away from your home.

What should you do if you catch a different animal in the trap?

If you catch a different animal in the trap you should release it immediately.

What should you do if the trap is damaged?

If the trap is damaged you should dispose of it and get a new one.

What should you do if the squirrel is injured?

If the squirrel is injured you should call a wildlife rehabilitation center.

What should you do if the squirrel is dead?

If the squirrel is dead you should dispose of it in a trash bag.

What should you do if you have questions about trapping squirrels?

If you have questions about trapping squirrels you should contact your local wildlife agency.

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