How to Make a Woman Squirel

How to Make a Woman Squirrel

Experts weigh in on a viral photo of a 'sexy' squirrel from Tokyo
If you want to know how to make a woman squirrel, you should know about the sexuality of the animal. The female is pickier than the male and can mate with a number of males. They are sexually mature within a year. The males are sexually mature and often scurry away from the female. The study findings were published in Biology Letters.

How to Identify a Woman Squirrel

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The first step in making a woman squirrel is to identify her sex. Squirrels are promiscuous, meaning they will sleep with anyone who shows up. They don’t choose a partner based on genetics but instead based on the environment and males around them. Moreover, a female squirrel’s stress cortisol level will be high when she is pregnant, so she should make sure to eat enough during this time.

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The female squirrel’s estrus is determined by the distance between her genital opening and the anus. A female squirrel has a shorter distance between her genital opening than a male, and vice versa. When she is in estrus, she will ejaculate a waxy plug to block the sperm of the other males. If the plug fails, she will produce multiple litters. The gestational period of a female squirrel is about a month to a month and a half and usually lasts no longer than 45 days. Once she gives birth, she will need to increase her food intake to meet the nutritional needs of her baby. She will also need to nurse the baby to ensure she is well-nourished.

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