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How to Make an Origami Squirrel Step by Step

To make an origami squirrel, you’ll need a few basic materials. For this project, you’ll need an orange-colored construction paper and a pencil. Next, you’ll fold one side of the paper to the middle crease. You’ll then fold the other side of the paper to meet the corner on the middle crease. Two small right triangles should now meet in the center of the paper, with the point made by these two triangles centered along the middle crease. Finally, you’ll fold a small square at the other end of the paper to make the head of the squirrel.

How to make an origam

First, you should cut a square piece of paper in half. You need only one half for the squirrel. Fold the other half in half, ensuring that the folded edges meet. Afterwards, fold the two sides of the paper at a 45-degree angle. Keeping this angle, the paper will form a triangle. Once the triangle is folded, fold the other side of the paper at the same angle, ensuring that the tips of the folded triangle are not too far apart.

Once you have folded the paper, you can now fold the right-hand corner of the piece inside the model. This will give the tail a more attractive shape, and allow the squirrel to stand up. Adding facial features and a hat are easy to add using coloured pencils and pens. Adding ears and small pieces of paper can give the animal a more realistic look.

How to make an origami squirrel

To make an origami squirrel, you will need a square piece of paper. Fold the paper in half along its center line. Then, unfold it. The edges of the paper will meet at the center crease, making a triangle. You will fold the tail into a triangle. Repeat the process to make the body of the squirrel. You will also need a small piece of paper to be used as the head.

Once you have completed the basic steps, you can fold the paper into an origami squirrel. This will require patience and perseverance. For best results, use a larger piece of paper, approximately 8 inches by 8 inches. When folding, place your thumb nail along the fold to make it easier to distinguish the fold. If possible, use a different colour for the paper on both sides.

After folding, open the front part of the squirrel and press down on the point of the back to create a small gap. Fold up the front of the squirrel, making sure to leave a small space. Once you’ve folded all three sides of the paper, you’re ready to fold the front. You’ll now need to make the arms by pushing the head of the squirrel down to form the arms.

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