How To Make An Origami Squirrel

How To Make An Origami Squirrel


To make an origami squirrel, you must first fold the paper in the shape of a triangle with the bottom corner pointing up and the opposite corner pointing down. Next, you should fold the right side down and inward so that it forms the body of the animal. Finally, you should fold the long end perpendicular to the body into a pointed triangle. Afterward, you should fold this small square in half, making the tail.

Origami Squirrel

You can fold the paper by folding the top and bottom corners of one end inwards. Then, fold the opposite corner inward, forming two right triangles. Now, you can proceed with the rest of the steps. Once you’re done, you’ll have an origami squirrel that looks like a furry friend. You can add some eyes and a nose with coloring pencils. You can also add a pair of ears by pressing the tip of the back of the paper inward.

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The next step in making an origami squirrel is to make the creases. You will need to use a ruler and a soft pencil to make the creases. This step requires patience and a bit of practice. You’ll want to keep the edges as crisp as possible, and you can use a creaser to achieve this effect. Once you’ve created the creases, fold down the front of the animal, leaving a gap.

Once you’ve cut the paper into a triangle, you’ll need to create a crease at the point where the back meets the front. This step can be difficult, so make sure you have time to do it carefully and correctly. Then, fold the tail and open up the back, making sure to leave a small hole in the middle. Once the paper is completely folded, you can add a cute face to your new creation!

Once you have made the crease, fold the top corner of the square inward and the bottom corner of the square. When you are finished, you should have a perfectly shaped origami squirrel. This step should take about 20 minutes. You can also use printing paper to make an Origami Squirrel. After the paper is folded, you should unfold the paper. The four parts of the square will meet along the crease in the center.

When making an origami squirrel, you should fold the paper horizontally and in the right direction. You should have several layers of paper and cut them out. If you’re using paper, fold them in half. Now you have an adorable origami squirrel! It’s easy to make an Origami Squirrel by using the right technique. You should use thick, sturdy paper and use sharp scissors to fold the paper.

Remember, an Origami Squirrel needs patience and perseverance. A bigger piece of paper makes folding easier. The recommended size is 8 inches by 8 inches. A long thumbnail will help you to fold the paper properly. When making an Origami Squirrel, you need to cut the paper to the right size.

Origami Squirrel requires the use of the right tools to make it. A good pair of scissors is necessary, and glue for adhering the pieces together is the best. Origami paper should be at least eight inches by eight inches to ensure proper shape. To make the perfect Origami Squirrel, it is important to select a large piece of paper. When folding an Origami Squirrel you should make sure that the colors are different on both sides, as this will allow you to differentiate the sides of the animal easily.


Once the paper for the squirrel origami has been cut to the right size, you need to cut the eyes. It’s crucial to cut the paper correctly and keep it flat during the folding process. If you have an extra sheet of paper, you may want to fold it into half-moons. This will prevent it from turning out to be lopsided. Then, you should fold the remaining parts. You should make the eyes of the Origami Squirrel and the body with the rounded end.

What is the best way to start making an origami squirrel?

Start with a 6 inch by 6 inch (15cm by 15cm) square of origami paper.

If you only have regular 8.

5 inch by 11 inch printer paper follow these instructions to make a square sheet.

What are the next steps to making an origami squirrel?

Fold the paper in half to create a rectangle.

Fold the rectangle in half to create a smaller rectangle.

Fold the top and bottom edges of the rectangle to meet in the middle.

Fold the rectangle in half to create a smaller rectangle.

Fold the top and bottom edges of the rectangle to meet in the middle.

Fold the rectangle in half again to create an even smaller rectangle.

Fold the top and bottom edges of the rectangle to meet in the middle.

Fold the rectangle in half one last time to create a very small rectangle.

What is the next step in making the origami squirrel?

Unfold the last fold a bit and then fold the top and bottom edges in to meet in the middle.

This will create the squirrel’s head and body.

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