How To Make Bird Feeder Squirrel Baffle

How to Make a Bird Feeder Squirrel Baffle

Making a squirrel baffle is easy and can be used to keep a squirrel from raiding your bird feeder. The process is very simple, and can help you avoid losing precious bird seed. To create a squirrel baffle, simply cut a length of galvanized pipe. You can use a sharpie to mark the length of the pipe. Clamp the cut piece to a pole. Now, you can start making the squirrel baffle.


Whether you want to feed birds or to catch a squirrel, there are many ways to make a bird feeder squirrel baffle. You can use inexpensive materials. You will need a clear bowl, a round metal pipe, and clamps. For the bowl, you can drill a hole through the middle and slide it into the pole holding the feeder. Once you’ve drilled a hole in the bottom, slide the bowl into the pole and secure it with screws.

When you make your own baffle, you should choose durable materials that will withstand the elements. Avoid using hard plastics or plexiglass, as they can get chewed on by squirrels. The metal-made baffles are durable but can rust when in humid regions. Make sure to take measurements of your birdhouse before purchasing a baffle, as they may not fit properly. This will also ensure that the bird feeder squirrel baffle fits the birdhouse properly.


Before installing a bird feeder squirrel baffle, it is imperative to measure the size of the birdhouse or pole on which it will be mounted. Baffles designed for wooden posts or poles will typically fit a 4 X 4-inch post. If your feeder is located in a tree, a baffle made of plastic will not prevent squirrels from accessing the food or seeds. Metal baffles will not rust when installed in a humid area, but can become loose after a few months of use.

The Achla Squirrel Deflector is an attractive steel rodent and squirrel deflector. This product slides over your existing sectional pole and has an attractive scalloped bottom and rounded dome top. It is made of durable galvanized steel and features a black weather-resistant finish. Its diameter is seven inches, and its height is sixteen-and-a-half inches. The Achla Squirrel Deflector will stop squirrels from climbing your feeder and enjoying your birds.


If you have a bird feeder in your yard, you might have noticed a few squirrels hanging around it. Squirrels are incredibly persistent and can jump up to 5-6 feet to get to the food that you leave for them. To prevent this from happening, you may want to install a squirrel baffle. These devices are designed to deter them, not to hurt them. In addition, you can set up their own feeding stations where they can choose their own preferred foods. Using a bird feeder squirrel baffle will help you learn to appreciate the presence of these friendly animals.

A squirrel baffle is not an effective deterrent for larger animals, but it will help prevent smaller birds from getting too close to the food. Some types of these devices are made of rust-proof and chew-resistant metal, so they are durable and will not break easily when exposed to frost and rain. They can also help protect your birds from a squirrel if they do decide to eat your seeds.


You might think that cleaning the bird feeder squirrel baffle will be an easy task, but that is not necessarily the case. Squirrels have a penchant for chewing on things, including plastic, plexiglass, and hard plastic. If you use a bird feeder squirrel baffle, you might soon find that the animal will have a hard time climbing it! However, there are many methods you can use to prevent squirrels from damaging your bird feeder and baffle.

First of all, you can install a squirrel baffle on top of a metal pole, which won’t allow mice to climb it. This is an ideal solution, as mice don’t have a good grasp on metal poles. The squirrel baffle is also good for keeping mice off hanging bird feeders. But remember, mice are attracted to food sources, so you must compromise with them. This is particularly true if you’ve recently installed a bird feeder.

How do you make a bird feeder squirrel baffle?

You will need a plastic funnel a wire hanger a piece of string and a plastic bottle.

First make a small hole in the bottom of the bottle.

Then take the wire hanger and make a small loop at one end.

Thread the string through the loop and tie it securely.

Next insert the wire hanger through the hole in the bottom of the bottle.

Once the hanger is in place bend it so that the bottle hangs upside down.

Finally place the funnel over the top of the bottle and secure it in place.

Your squirrel baffle is now complete!

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