How To Make Origami Squirrel Step By Step

How to Make an Origami Squirrel Step by Step how-to-make-origami-squirrel-step-by-step

If you are looking to learn how to make an origami squirrel, this article will give you the necessary information to help you achieve the goal. We will cover the Shapes, Sizes, and Folds of this cute animal. Then, we will discuss how to place those folds to create the perfect shape. Now, it’s time to get started! Here are the steps:

Folds to

First, you must fold the paper square in half. Fold the paper at an angle. Cut along the fold. Once you have done this, unfold the paper so that the edges meet and form fourths. Next, fold the bottom corner of the other half of the paper inward. Fold the right side downward and inward. Now, the paper will look like a squirrel. It will be a little bit smaller and squished than the original.

You can also fold the squirrel in many different ways. To make the face of the origami squirrel, you can follow the same steps as for the body. Then, make a crease at the back of the piece. You can use your thumb nail to make the crease. Once you have finished folding, the piece of paper should resemble a squirrel. Folding an origami squirrel will take some time, but you will notice that it is worth it in the end.

Shapes to make

This simple origami squirrel folds in 11 easy steps. First, you must draw the face of the squirrel with a colored pencil. Then, you fold down the top corner, set the fold in the dotted line, and fold the inside edge of the face to the center. Lastly, open the arrow part to form its nose. After folding the paper, the origami squirrel is complete!

You will need colored craft paper and scissors to make the paper squirrel. The whole process will take you less than 10 minutes. If you feel more ambitious, you can decorate the paper squirrel with polka dots and glitter, too. This is a great craft to make with friends and family. It can even be a fun stress reliever! To get started, download the free printable below. This will guide you through each step of the process.


Origami squirrels come in many shapes, sizes and materials. The materials used in this project will depend on your final project. A typical paper used to make the squirrel is square. This paper can be cut into two halves, but you will only use one half. A quick tip is to fold the paper in half and set one half aside for the finished squirrel. Once you have finished the paper, you can cut the other half into the size of your choice.

Next, you will need to cut the paper to fit your project. This paper should be at least eight inches by eight inches. Choosing the size is critical. Using a ruler is also helpful. Choose paper that is large enough to fit the finished project. You will also need paper that is different colors on each side. To make your origami squirrel, you can also trace the outline of your paper. After that, you can cut the body and eyes from the paper and glue them on.

Placement of folds

When making an origami squirrel, you will need to start by folding the paper in half, starting at the bottom corner. Then, you will fold in the adjacent corner. You will then fold in the right triangle at the bottom edge of the paper, creating two right triangles along the center crease. The tail will be the folded triangle at the opposite end. Once you have made these two triangles, you will need to fold the paper in half again.

Now, you are ready to make the folds. You will need a larger piece of paper for this project. Eight inches by eight inches is a recommended size. For easier folding, run your thumb along the fold. You will also want to purchase paper that has different colours on both sides, so you can differentiate the sides better. After folding the paper in half, you can start to decorate it. To do this, you can add fur or facial features to your origami squirrel by colouring pencils.

Colors to use

If you want to learn how to make an origami squirrel, you should first learn how to create crisp creases. It may take a bit of practice and patience to make a perfectly creased origami squirrel, but the end result will be well worth the effort! You’ll also want to practice on a larger sheet of paper, at least 8 inches by 8 inches, to make it easier to work with. One tip: try to use different colored paper on both sides, as it will make the folding process easier.

To make a neat crease, fold the top part of the head up, forming the ear of the squirrel. Make sure that the ears point backwards toward the base of the tail. You can now form the arms and legs by forming creases beneath the top of the head. If you want to add more details to your origami squirrel, you can use different colored paper, such as green or red, and create more creases on the top.

Size of final sculpture

Decorative paper-origami squirrels are available in different materials. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, as they are weatherproof and can be placed on a patio or deck. Origami squirrels can also be made from other materials such as metals. Sculpture is created by shaping a block of material into a shape. For example, bronze casting requires a working model, which is typically made of easily mouldable materials. Impressionism revolutionized the sculptural arts, and contemporary artists have added to the collection.

What is origami?

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding.

What do you need to make origami?

All you need is a sheet of paper.

How do you make an origami squirrel?


Start with a square piece of paper.


Fold the paper in half to create a crease.


Unfold the paper and then fold the top left and right corners in to meet the crease in the center.


Fold the paper in half along the crease you created in step 2.


Unfold the paper and then fold each side in to meet the crease in the center.


Fold the paper in half along the crease you created in step 5.


Unfold the paper.


Starting at the top make a series of accordion folds.


Once you reach the bottom tuck the end of the paper into the folds.


Flip the paper over and you should now have a squirrel shape.

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