How To Make Squirrel Gravy

How to Make Squirrel Gravy

How To Make Squirrel GravyHow To Make Squirrel Gravy

To prepare this delicious dish, start by making the squirrel and frying it in grapeseed oil over a medium flame. Then, remove it to a paper towel to absorb excess oil. Next, you need to make the squirrel roux by stirring flour into the reserved seasoned flour. Add the milk to the pan and stir until the roux has thickened. Cook the roux for about 2 hours, or until the squirrel is cooked through. It’s best to let the meat rest for 15 minutes before slicing it into portions and serving it with sauce.


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While the frying process is in progress, make sure that the squirrel has a crispy exterior. Place the squirrel on the pan and cover it with tinfoil to keep warm. After the frying process is complete, add the remaining chicken stock and simmer. This mixture will help the squirrel absorb the bacon fat and produce a thick, creamy sauce. When ready to serve, use homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs, and late summer tomatoes as a side dish.

After the frying process, you’ll need to prepare the squirrel’s meal. For the most authentic taste, you’ll need a cast iron pan and half-inch of vegetable oil. Once the oil is hot, sprinkle liberally with Creole seasoning and onion powder. Then, place the fried pieces in the pan. When they are cooked, remove them from the pan and put them on a warm plate covered with tinfoil.

Making A Squirrel Gravy

To make the squirrel gravy, you’ll need to fry the meat for about a minute on each side. Once cooked, drain the excess oil. Combine flour, water, and Cajun seasoning and use 3 tablespoons of this mixture to prepare the gravy. Finally, put the fried squirrel in the oven until they’re thoroughly cooked. Then, let them sit in the tinfoil to cool.

Once the squirrel is cooked, you’ll need to add it to the pot. You’ll need about a half cup of water. Ideally, you should cook it in batches, as the squirrel is very tender and delicate. You’ll need to keep the pan hot until the last minute to ensure a perfect finish. Once the meat is cooked, add the squirrel to the gravy. Then, you’ll need to season the squirrel with cajun seasoning.

You’ll need to prepare the meat by first cleaning it. Then, you’ll need to remove the rib cages and discard the ribs. Then, use the buttermilk to marinate the meat. The buttermilk will soften the meat. Then, add the milk and flour mixture. If the mixture is too thick, you’ll need to add more of the buttermilk. If the recipe is too thin, you can use the extra flour to make it thinner.

Once the squirrel is cooked, you’ll need to prepare the sauce. This recipe can be simple to prepare. It should be simmered for a long period to ensure the meat is tender. Then, you’ll need to add the Crisco and flour mixture. You’ll also need to stir in some milk and seasoned flour to make the roux. A Crisco-based roux will be best served over a roasted squirrel.

You can also make squirrel gravy by frying the squirrel. If you’re not a big fan of frying, you can fry it in bacon grease, vegetable oil, or shortening. In this case, you should add the buttermilk to the skillet. It should be thick enough to soften the meat. Then, add the flour and milk mixture to make it thicker. Then, serve the fried meat with hot biscuits or hash browns.


The squirrel ribs should be cut into small pieces. Once they’ve cooled, you should remove the ribs and rib cages. Once you’re done with this, cut the squirrel legs into manageable portions. Then, dip the legs in seasoned flour to marinate them. When they’re cooked, the squirrel will be tender and flavorful. If you’re looking for an alternative way to cook the meat, you should consider using buttermilk.

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