how to make squirrel line guard

How to Make a Squirrel Line Guard how to make squirrel line guard

Are you looking for a squirrel control solution? Read on because you will discover a DIY solution that will keep your yard and garden rodent-free. This article contains information on how to build a squirrel line guard that can prevent rats, squirrels, and monkeys from climbing your tree or fence. You can also create a squirrel-proof birdbath. If you are unable to buy a squirrel-proof birdbath, try building your own.


To prevent rats from chewing on utility lines, you can install disc baffles or pipe sleeves. Before installing either, contact your utility company and follow their guidelines for installing a guard. If you plan to use pipe sleeves, ensure that you measure and mark the length of the lines. Pipe sleeves should extend out approximately 18 inches on all sides. A cone-shaped guard will prevent rats from climbing up trees or vertical pipes.


A squirrel line guard can be made from aluminum flashing wrapped around a pole. Then you can place Nixalite spikes on the pole. These spikes are solid enough to prevent a squirrel from accessing the power lines. Alternatively, you can call your power company and have them install a squirrel deterrent device to prevent the squirrels from accessing power lines. This method is effective for cables up to three inches in diameter.


A squirrel line guard is a simple device that prevents squirrels from climbing onto power lines. A squirrel line guard consists of a rubber boot that fits over the main bushings of the lines and around lightning arrestors, wires and equipment near transformers. Some areas of the lines are covered with special tape to prevent squirrels from gnawing on them. In order to keep squirrels away from your power lines, you should make sure that your electric company will install the guard for you.

Other rodents

One method to keep squirrels and other rodents off power lines is to install a Critter Guard on the lines. This simple barrier makes it difficult for the rodent to cross power lines. The Critter Guard consists of a solid free-spinning wheel that requires the rodent to jump over before it can continue. It can be installed on cables up to three inches in diameter. A linesman or utility company will install the Critter Guard in the area, but it is still worth learning how to make your own.


If you want to keep your fruit trees squirrel-free, you should consider making a squirrel line guard. These devices are made of sheet metal or aluminum flashing and can be positioned up to 18 inches off the ground. The metal can be held together with nails or wire. You can also place a small barrier near the base of the tree using a funnel-shaped piece of metal. The metal should be at least two feet wide, and the top should be at least 18 inches away from a support.

Woodlink post mount squirrel baffle

Purchasing a post mount squirrel baffle is a great way to protect your home from these pesky animals. The simple design of this product is durable and does not require the user to spend hours on maintenance. It is lightweight and easy to move. Its sleek texture is also an effective deterrent to a squirrel’s attempts to climb it. It is also made from high-quality materials that are built to last.

Nixalite spikes

A Nixalite Wildlife Barrier Spikes is an effective way to deter climbing animals and pest birds. The spikes, which feature a 120-point density per foot, can be attached to nearly any surface. A Nixalite spike will effectively keep most species from climbing onto your property. These spikes are easy to install and can be attached to both vertical and odd-shaped surfaces.

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