How To Make Squirrel Pop Lead Bloon

How to Make Squirrels Pop Lead Bloons in Bloons and Cash

If you are a fan of the game Bloons and Cash, you may be wondering how to make squirrel pop lead bloons. There are several methods you can use to make this happen. These are the Noise Amp, Detector, and Angry Squirrel Pro. In this article, we will show you how to use these tools to make squirrels pop lead bloons.

Angry Squirrel Pro

The Angry Squirrel is an agent that plays the infamous growl sound effect when a life is lost. It was the first “tower” or agent to have this passive ability and, thus, is unique from most other agents and towers in the game. The Angry Squirrel also has a rage effect that is activated only when a bloon leaks or when a player has 200 lives. This makes him almost useless when playing Impoppable, Covert Pop, Daily Challenges, or any other difficulty.

Noise Amp

To get the ability to make a squirrel pop a lead bloon, you must use the Hazy Throw skill. Then, you must fly to a light spot above the squirrel. This will add the Secret Technique: Hazy Throw skill to your phone app. To use this skill, you must be near a tree in the western courtyard. After this, use your Noise Amp to target a tree on the western courtyard.

If you’re having trouble finding the squirrel, you can also find him at the Kanrai restaurant. He is a little bit north of the Coming Boon. You can find him on the floor before the street crossing. You can also find him in the roof of the Millenium Tower, on the green box near the entrance. A squirrel is a very common creature in the game. You can also find him in the Ijincho and Kamurocho locations.

The second squirrel can be found by going to Hyakkei Alley. This is on the other side of a parked car and under a roof. Look for the signal coming from the wall of the Umigame Tei. Once you find him, you can use your Drone to fly down and grab the Elegant Paint. Then, go inside the Plage restaurant and use the Detector to aim for the white-striped cushion on the wall. After you have collected the paint, you can return to the Hotel District to find the Biggest Squirrel. You’ll get the Platinum Plate in return.


There are two ways to get the EX-4 and the prize is EX-4, which you can use to give the lead bloon to a squirrel. One is by targeting it with your Detector while the other is by using your Noise Amp. You can also aim it at a yellow basket to get a reward in the form of Yellow Pyroxene. Both ways require a bit of time to complete, so the best way is to play the game in the night.

To get the EX Booster, you must first use the Detector to find the squirrel, which is painted on the column of the building in the Hotel District. A sound will alert a squirrel. If the squirrel listens, you will receive a signal. You can then aim your Detector at the squirrel to receive its transmission. Once you have the Detector, you can also aim your balloon at it to get an EX Enhancement Belt.

You can also find a squirrel in a nearby tree. It can be found west of Daikokuten St., and is accessible with the Detector. If you don’t see it, try using the Detector to aim inside the tree. The third squirrel can be found on a lamp post outside of Wette Kitchen on Isezaki Rd. Use the Noise Amp to aim at the tail of the dinosaur with your Drone. To collect all three squirrels, you must purchase the Superstitious Eater’s Guide book. It also adds the Auspicious Gourmet skill to your phone app.

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