How To Move A Squirrel Nest

How To Move A Squirrel Nest

You may be wondering how to move a squirrel’s nest. While the animals are not aggressive, they will often stay in the same location for a long time. However, once the baby squirrels are old enough to leave the nest, they will usually return to the same area.

To get rid of this situation, you can move the nest outside of your house using a pillowcase. You should use the same technique to remove the babies from the home.

Relocating A Squirrel’s Nest

If you think that you need to relocate a squirrel nest, the first thing you should do is locate the nest during midday. Next, carefully tamper with the nest using your hands.

Alternatively, you can use a radio placed at least six feet away from the nest to call the animal’s attention. After tampering with the eggs, you should place a rag soaked in ammonia into the nest and toss it.

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It is not recommended that you try to move a squirrel nest. The nest is made of various woody materials and is usually held together by a spherical frame. This frame is covered in damp leaves and moss.

Once the babies have grown up, the mother will use the same nest for another litter, causing a new infestation. The same goes for removing the nest. This is because it will only make the problem worse.

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