How To Open Squirrel Buster Feeder

How to Open a Squirrel Buster Feederhow-to-open-squirrel-buster-feeder

To open the Squirrel Buster feeder, turn its lid counter-clockwise until it stops turning. Do not completely twist off the lid, as the steel wire is permanently attached to it. Be sure that it is level before closing it. This article will give you more tips to open the feeder. Also, learn how to use weight sensitive perches and a seed tube ventilation system. Here are some helpful tips for opening and closing the feeder.

Weight sensitive perches

If you want to keep squirrels away from your birdfeeder, you should consider purchasing a weight sensitive perch. A weight sensitive perch has many benefits. It helps keep the bird seed fresh. Decomposing seed will not attract any birds, and it may spread disease. Additionally, you can adjust the spring to prevent pest or nuisance birds from gaining access to the feeder. Some weight sensitive perches are even specifically designed to attract cardinals. Because of their small necks and feet, cardinals do not like to feed while turning their heads. This feature gives them an alternative position that allows them to feed facing the seed without turning their heads.

The Squirl Buster Plus is another popular weight sensitive feeder. The feeder’s top tube is made of heavy-duty plastic and metal. It comes set to exclude most squirrels, but it has an adjustable weight limit. It also has weight-sensitive ports. The ports are adjustable for smaller or larger birds. The spring-closing mechanism is adjusted for both size and weight. The feeder comes with a nut at the middle of the center post. This nut prevents heavy objects from getting into the feeder.

Transparent seed tubes

To open a Squirrel Buster feeder, you will need to lift the cage shroud, unhook the hang bar, and pull out the plastic seed tubes. The seed tubes are completely transparent, so you can see what’s inside. You can then place the seeds inside. If you don’t want to let the squirrels in, you can also remove the transparent seed tubes completely.

The translucent seed tubes trap solar energy and keep birdseed fresh. Birds will be less inclined to snack on decayed seed, which can also spread disease. In addition, you can adjust the spring to discourage pest and nuisance birds. This type of feeder is especially attractive to cardinals, which are known for their short necks and big feet. The perch helps cardinals feed by facing the seed.

Seed tube ventilation system

The Seed Tube Ventilation System allows seed to remain fresh longer than with a traditional feeder design. Seed tubes trap solar energy and allow hot air to escape, replacing it with fresh air. Unlike traditional seed tube feeder designs, which block openings, the Seed Tube Ventilation System allows fresh air to enter through seed ports. The vents can be opened and closed as needed. If a squirrel tries to climb inside the feeder, it will fall to the ground, which will attract a larger predator.

The feeder comes pre-assembled and can be placed high on a glass window. It has a padded perch and a drainage system, so there’s no chance of a squirrel getting inside. Its removable seed tray includes drainage holes, which help prevent bacteria buildup. Clean the feeder after every use to keep it fresh. After each feeding session, the feeder comes with a convenient carrying case.

Twisting lid

To open a Squirrel Buster feeder, you must gently twist the top of the feeder in a counterclockwise direction. You cannot pull the top completely off because it is permanently attached to the steel wire. To close the feeder, tilt the feeder backwards. This should prevent squirrels from accessing the food. When you have finished feeding the squirrels, gently place the top back on the feeder and tighten the top using a clockwise motion.

The Squirrel Buster Classic has a twisting lid. If you are opening it manually, you must lift the metal base first and then twist the lid counterclockwise to open it. Be sure to keep your hands clean and avoid scratching any plastic parts of the feeder. This prevents the squirrels from chewing the steel wire used to hang the feeder. Be gentle and don’t twist the top too much. It may damage the steel wire used for hanging it.


The Squirrel Buster is squirrel-proof, allowing you to place it just about anywhere, and enjoy the close-up views of birds. You can hang it over your deck, window, fence, or patio, or mount it on a wall. The Squirrel Buster is simple to clean and dismantle, and is backed by an impressive list of patents. Positioning it correctly will ensure that no squirrels can reach the seed, while still allowing you to enjoy the birds from a distance.

When positioning the squirrel buster feeder, make sure to suspend it at least four feet above the ground. Using a wire line is important, since squirrels can’t easily climb through thin wire. Choose a wire line made of metal or piano wire. Never use rope or plastic cord for this, as the animals can chew through it. Positioning squirrel buster feeder correctly can help prevent squirrels from destroying your landscaping.


If you want to attract more birds to your garden, you should consider cleaning your Squirrel Buster bird feeder. These feeders are easy to clean and contain three quarts of seed. The removable cover makes cleaning the feeder an easy task. Fill the feeder with fresh seed and rinse with a solution of nine parts water to one part bleach. Then, fill the feeder with regular detergent and run a cycle. Dry it thoroughly. Once the bird feeder is dry, store it out of the weather.

You can easily clean detachable parts by washing them in a 20 percent solution of white vinegar and water. The vinegar acts as a natural disinfectant. Afterward, you can put your Squirrel Buster feeder back together and feed your birds again. Make sure to clean the feeder thoroughly before putting it back together to prevent bacteria from building up. Once it’s clean, you should disinfect it with a disinfectant.

What is a squirrel buster feeder?

A squirrel buster feeder is a type of bird feeder that is designed to prevent squirrels from accessing the bird food.

How do squirrel buster feeders work?

Squirrel buster feeders work by using a weight sensitive perch that closes the access to the bird food when a squirrel steps on it.

Why are squirrels attracted to bird feeders?

Squirrels are attracted to bird feeders because they provide an easy source of food.

What types of bird food do squirrels like?

Squirrels like many types of bird food but they especially like seeds and nuts.

How can I keep squirrels away from my bird feeder?

There are a number of ways to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder including using a squirrel buster feeder keeping your bird feeder clean and placing your bird feeder in a place that is difficult for squirrels to reach.

What are some of the benefits of using a squirrel buster feeder?

Some benefits of using a squirrel buster feeder include preventing squirrels from accessing the bird food protecting the bird food from being contaminated by squirrels and keeping squirrels away from your bird feeder.

How do I clean my squirrel buster feeder?

You can clean your squirrel buster feeder by disassembling it and washing the parts in warm soapy water.

How often should I clean my squirrel buster feeder?

You should clean your squirrel buster feeder every two weeks or as needed.

Where is the best place to put my squirrel buster feeder?

The best place to put your squirrel buster feeder is in a location that is out of reach of squirrels such as on a deck or in a tree.

How do I fill my squirrel buster feeder?

You can fill your squirrel buster feeder with bird food by opening the lid and pouring the bird food into the feeder.

What are some of the different types of bird food that I can use in my squirrel buster feeder?

Some of the different types of bird food that you can use in your squirrel buster feeder include sunflower seeds peanuts and bird seed mixes.

How often do I need to refill my squirrel buster feeder?

You should refill your squirrel buster feeder as needed depending on how many birds are using the feeder.

What should I do if I see a squirrel using my squirrel buster feeder?

If you see a squirrel using your squirrel buster feeder you can try to scare the squirrel away or you can contact a wildlife professional for help.

Is it harmful to squirrels to use a squirrel buster feeder?

No it is not harmful to squirrels to use a squirrel buster feeder.

I think a squirrel is stuck in my squirrel buster feeder what should I do?

If you think a squirrel is stuck in your squirrel buster feeder you can contact a wildlife professional for help.

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