How To Poison A Rock Squirrel

How to Poison a Rock Squirrel

Before applying toxic bait, determine which wildlife species will be affected. If it is a rodent, a rock squirrel is a likely target. If you know that a particular species lives on a property, you may be able to safely poison it without harming the rodents. Among the most popular methods of poisoning rock squirrels include Zinc phosphide, Bromadiolone, Sugar, and Traps.

Zinc phosphide

Before applying zinc phosphide to a yard, be sure to carefully monitor the target. While zinc phosphide is very toxic for nontarget animals, it is unlikely that they will eat enough of the bait to be affected by it. To prevent nontarget wildlife from eating the bait, apply it in small amounts in a well-lit area and confine it for several days.

You must be aware of the dangers of using zinc phosphide to poison a rodent, since children may be particularly sensitive to it. In addition, zinc phosphide has toxic effects on humans and animals. You should watch for symptoms of poisoning, such as vomiting, difficulty breathing, and anxiety. If exposed to a large amount of zinc phosphide, you could even experience liver failure and convulsions.


The EPA approved bromadiolone for use as a rodenticide in 1980. It is odorless and yellow to white in color. Bromadiolone comes in pellets and bait blocks. Both types of bait can be used indoors and outdoors. Many products have dyes to help you identify the site of exposure and ensure safe removal. Because bromadiolone can accumulate in the body, it is only recommended for professionals.

The drug is highly toxic to most mammals and birds. Although rock squirrels don’t have large populations and do not spread disease, it is important to use caution when handling them. Never mow over dead animals, since the lethal dose can be inhaled. Likewise, if you kill a rock squirrel and it eats the bait, you may be exposed to a lethal dose yourself.


A common misconception about poisonous substances is that it will kill the rock squirrel. While this may be true, it can have serious consequences for the squirrels themselves. There are many ways to kill the pests without poison. However, sugar isn’t the only poison available. Natural fruits and nuts contain low amounts of sugar. In fact, many pests will become overweight or obese when they eat sugar. This makes them unable to run away from predators and clogs their arteries, restricting their blood flow.

While this method may be a simple one, it isn’t recommended. While this method is widely used to kill rodents and other pests, it is also cruel to the animals. The animals will die of a painful death, and you will be left with a dead rodent in your home. Also, you may be poisoning your pet and yourself. The last thing you want is to infect your pet with a potentially deadly disease.


If you’ve been trying to get rid of a critter in your yard, you’ve probably heard about poisoned traps. These traps can be deadly when left unattended, and you need to use proper placement to capture the animal. Ensure the trap is not in the animal’s usual habitat and use a long, single-door trap. You can also use an auditory lure, such as peanut butter or a small amount of vegetables or fruit.

Live traps are effective in some situations. Unlike poison-based traps, live traps require the animals to be euthanized immediately upon capture. However, translocating the trapped animal away from the area of capture is illegal under California Fish and Game Code. For your safety, always remember to check the trap daily to make sure the animal is not trapped unnecessarily. If possible, use shaded locations to place the traps.


While the best way to kill a rock squirrel is to trap it, there are also indirect methods available, such as exclusion and fumigation. While exclusion can be a more affordable method, you should be aware that it requires a considerable amount of labor. To exclude the animal, place sheet metal around the trunk of trees, particularly if you have fruit trees nearby. Fumigation may also be necessary if you plan to poison a rock squirrel.

One method of poisoning a ground squirrel is by fumigation, which involves inserting a gas into the burrows of the animal. Fumigation works best in the springtime because soil moisture helps contain the gas. In the summer and fall, the gas tends to diffuse more easily into cracks and crevices in dry soil, making it ineffective. In addition, fumes from fumigation tend to accumulate in confined spaces. That’s why fumigation is not the best method for poisoning a rock squirrel in your yard.

How does one poison a rock squirrel?

By placing poison bait in areas where the squirrels forage or live.

What kind of poison is effective on rock squirrels?

Strychnine is the most common and effective poison used to kill rock squirrels.

How much strychnine is required to kill a rock squirrel?

approximately 0.


How long does it take for strychnine to kill a rock squirrel?

1-2 hours

What are the symptoms of strychnine poisoning in rock squirrels?

Seizures convulsions and death.

Is there an antidote for strychnine poisoning?


How can I prevent my pets from being poisoned by strychnine?

Keep your pets away from areas where baits have been placed and monitor them closely if they are in areas where rock squirrels are present.

How can I prevent children from being poisoned by strychnine?

Keep baits out of reach of children and teach them not to touch or play with any dead animals they may find.

Will strychnine poisoning affect other animals?


Any animal that ingests baits or dead squirrels that have been poisoned by strychnine can be affected.

How can I clean up after a rock squirrel has been poisoned?

Wear gloves and a mask when handling the carcass.

Place the carcass in a plastic bag and dispose of it in the trash.

Wash any areas that may have been contaminated with strychnine.

What should I do if I think I have been poisoned by strychnine?

Seek medical attention immediately and bring a sample of the poison if possible.

How can I prevent rock squirrels from getting into my home?

Keep food and garbage securely stored and seal any openings into your home.

What should I do if I find a rock squirrel in my home?

Contact a professional wildlife control operator to have the squirrel removed.

What should I do if I find a dead rock squirrel?

Wear gloves and a mask when handling the carcass.

Place the carcass in a plastic bag and dispose of it in the trash.

Wash any areas that may have been contaminated with strychnine.

What should I do if I think my pet has been poisoned by strychnine?

Seek medical attention for your pet immediately and bring a sample of the poison if possible.

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