How To Poison Squirrel

How To Poison Squirrel

Before you decide to try this method, you should know that it is dangerous to kids and pets. You should be aware that the poison is first generation anticoagulant, which takes days to kill the squirrel. This is also toxic to humans. Therefore, you should avoid using it in areas where the squirrels run. In addition, you should not mix the poison with other substances. Make sure you use the poison safely and follow the directions on the label.

Just One Bite

The Giant Destroyer gas killer is a highly effective solution to the problem of a squirrel in your attic or back garden. This product contains sulfur, sodium nitrate, and charcoal. It must be ignited close to the pest’s entrance to take effect, and it suffocates it to death. The fumes will linger for a long time, and if the squirrel doesn’t die immediately, it will decompose and smell bad. To keep it odor-free, you will need to plug up all the holes in the animal’s home.


The use of strychnine to kill ground squirrels is controversial. The poison has been found in numerous products and can cause serious harm to both the ground squirrel and nontarget animals. The risk to nontarget animals is particularly significant, since strychnine is also known to cause serious harm to birds, such as songbirds. Fortunately, Health Canada is taking steps to eliminate the use of strychnine by killing ground squirrels.

Exterminators Choice

The most effective way to get rid of a squirrel problem is to use a repellent. This product works by deterring pests by using aromatic ingredients. This makes it unappealing to squirrels while being harmless for humans and pets. Repellents are available in many forms and can contain a foul odor or taste. For example, pepper spray can be used to repel squirrels and is highly effective. Luckily, the product is safe for use in the kitchen and is also able to kill most indoor and outdoor pests.


You might want to use Ditrac poisons squirrel control to exterminate the rodents that are invading your attic or yard, but be aware that this product is only effective against ground squirrels. While Ditrac can also kill mice and rodents, it is not safe for children or pets. You should consult your local pest control agency or read customer reviews before buying Ditrac poisons squirrel control. If you have children, make sure to read the labels to avoid accidental poisoning.

Motomco bait

If your attic is overrun with squirrels, you can use Motomco bait to poison them. The bait is a first-generation anticoagulant that is extremely harmful to all kinds of animals, including children and pets. You should not use this product to poison animals that aren’t targeted. Instead, try to locate the nest and put the poison near it. You should plug up the holes at one time.

Ditrac is an inexpensive and effective form of getting rid of ground squirrels

If you have a large infestation of ground squirrels, you might have to resort to lethal methods. Although they can be effective, lethal methods also carry risk of side effects. If you want to avoid the risk, you can try humane alternatives to get rid of ground squirrels. The following article discusses different methods of squirrel control and what to do if they become a problem.

Contrac Blox

If you’re tired of the constant rat-squirrel battle, try using Contrac Blox. These peanut butter-smelling pellets are designed for outdoor and indoor use. They must be refilled about every 60 days and replaced if the weather changes drastically. Contrac Blox are very expensive and should be kept away from children and pets. It’s also a good idea to use caution when using this product, as it may lead to death if not properly stored.

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