how to preserve squirrel meat

How to Preserve Squirrel Meathow to preserve squirrel meat

If you have ever hunted squirrels for meat, you may be wondering how to preserve it. First, you must remove the squirrel’s legs. Then, take your pocketknife and slice down the ribcage, contouring the neck bones. Next, remove the hindleg by cutting inside the leg to reveal the ball and socket joint. Then, bend the leg back until it pops out. Once the leg is removed, free the skin with your pocketknife.

Field dress a squirrel

How to field dress a squirrel to preserve its meat starts with knowing the best cuts. The front legs and hind legs are the best cuts, but if you’re in the field, you can also use the head and backstraps. The rib cage is a great place to make stock or broth, while the back and belly are less-meaty but are still tasty. To gut the squirrel, start by cutting down the middle of the back leg from the pelvis or groin. Then, with the knife, cut away the remaining tissue from the leg and discard it.

After cutting off the tail, remove the remaining part of the skin. The meat should be free of fur. Be sure not to touch the meat with hair, which can be very difficult to remove. Avoid eating squirrel meat that has hair. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the tail flap and a flap of skin are not touching the meat. After the skin is removed, the remaining organs should be removed.

Remove organs from chest cavity

When preserving squirrel meat, you should remove the organs from the chest cavity. The chest cavity is an internal chamber where the squirrel’s lungs, heart, and kidneys are located. The diaphragm, pubic bone, and intestines all separate the organs. When cutting the meat, make sure to remove all of the organs and save them for use in soups and stews.

Before processing the meat, you must first remove the skin. To do this, use your dominant hand and peel back the skin. Make sure not to cut into the meat as it could lead to infection. Next, remove the front leg by cutting along the shoulder joint. Cut through the connective tissue. Next, cut from the front hindquarter toward the pelvis, exposing the hip joint. Separate the hindquarter from the head and pull it out.

Place meat in freezer bags or dry sealed bags

Store squirrel meat in airtight plastic or freezer bags for up to three days. After that, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days or frozen for up to four months. However, you should handle squirrel meat carefully and do not allow it to sit in the refrigerator for more than three days. If you are storing the meat for more than three days, discard it. Place squirrel meat in freezer bags or dry sealed bags for up to three days before preparing it for cooking.

The meat should be wrapped in freezer paper double, so that the paper does not expand and pull moisture from the meat. The problem with paper packaging is that the paper does not conform to the surface of the meat, so pockets of air can form. The solution to this is to use a suction-style vacuum sealer. A suction-style vacuum sealer works by sucking out air and sealing the package with a heat strip. In addition, it leaves only a few air pockets inside the sealed package.

Store in refrigerator or freezer

Whether you want to enjoy squirrel on a cold winter’s day or cook up a delicious meal for the whole family, you should learn how to preserve squirrel meat in refrigerator or freezer. After all, this meat is not like chicken or beef, so it needs to be properly cooked before you can enjoy it. Here’s how. First, clean the squirrel, making sure it is free of parasites. Wear gloves while doing this to prevent any entry into the squirrel’s body cavity. Next, make an incision along the backbone of the squirrel, separating skin and organs by pulling hard in opposite directions.

Once you’ve skinned and dressed the squirrel, it’s important to keep it chilled immediately. Frozen meat has a higher nutritional value than fresh meat, and it decomposes much slower. While you can freeze squirrel meat for several months, it’s best to use it within a few months after thawing. A little more than a month of frozen squirrel meat will still be tasty.

Cook squirrel meat according to package directions

If you want to prepare a great meal for your family, you can cook squirrel meat according to the package directions. First, you need to prep the meat by soaking it overnight in buttermilk. Once the meat is ready, add it to a non-reactive skillet and fry it until golden brown. Heat the oil until it reaches a smoking point, but not too hot. Add a dash of salt while cooking the meat, so that it becomes crisp and moist. You can serve squirrel meat immediately or cold the next day for lunch.

For a delicious stew, you can marinate the meat in buttermilk, milk, or other liquid for an hour. Then, sear the meat in batches until it is golden brown. Do not crowd the pan; two to three squirrels should be plenty. Keep an eye on the size of the pan, because older squirrels may take longer to get tender. If you want to prepare a squirrel stew, you can use a pressure cooker or dutch oven to brace the meat.

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