how to remove a squirrel cage from an 18000 btu friedrich window unit

How to Remove a Squirrel Cage From an 18000 BTU Friedrich Window Unithow to remove a squirrel cage from an 18000 btu friedrich window unit

The first step in removing the squirrel cage is to disconnect all electrical components from the blower assembly. This assembly sits in a track and is held in place by 2 1/4″ hex head screws. Once the unit is unplugged, remove the blower assembly. Next, remove the motor shaft from the squirrel cage using a small Allen wrench. The motor is held in place by 7/16th hex head bolts.

Cleaning a friedrich window unit

The best way to maintain your Friedrich window air conditioner is to clean it regularly. Regular cleaning should be a part of your regular household routine. To ensure optimum performance, use a vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment and pay special attention to the intake grille and discharge grille located above the air intake. This prevents dust from entering the ventilation mechanism and blowing back into the room. In addition, keep the screws and other hardware securely stored.

The air filter on your Friedrich window air conditioner is removable. By removing it, you can wipe down the air filter and air ducts thoroughly. Make sure to remove the power cord before cleaning, as a clogged air filter greatly reduces the cooling capacity. Use a mild detergent to clean the filter. To prevent future problems, clean the filter every fifteen to twenty days. This will improve the airflow through your Friedrich air conditioner and prevent it from overheating.

To clean the filter, take it out and use a cloth that has been dampened with water or a cleaning solution. Alternatively, you can use an air conditioner cleaning spray, which contains a mild acidic solution. Always use this solution when cleaning Friedrich window air conditioners. But be sure to wipe them dry before using any chemicals. This method will leave your window air conditioner smelling fresh. Once the filter is clean, use a fresh, clean towel to wipe away the residue.

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