How to Remove Blower Motor From Squirrel Cage

How to Remove Blower Motor From Squirrel Cage

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Trying to remove the blower motor from your squirrel cage can be tricky. First, you must turn off the power to the squirrel cage. You must remove all the access panels to reach the blower motor. Look for the motor, which may be separate units or a single unit. The motor is usually bolted to the end of the blower assembly. The motor extends into the center of the squirrel-cage wheel. Unbolt the metal frame rails, and remove the two metal screws that connect the two halves.

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Then, you should unplug the fan. Locate the screw that’s attached to the stand. There are two screws on the back of the fan. Carefully remove the back cover of the fan, and slide it downward. If you need to squeeze the grille in the center, you may need to turn the squirrel cage. If the blower motor is still attached to the squirrel cage, loosen the bottom collar on the motor shaft.

The blower motor is located on the side of the squirrel cage. To remove it, you need to loosen the capacitor and access panel. To remove the fan, you need a nut driver and an electrical-insulated pair of pliers. To disassemble the motor, slide the back cover downward. You may also need to turn the squirrel cage upside down to free the screw.

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