how to remove squirrel cage at top of hawaiian breeze tower fan

How to Remove a Squirrel Cage at the Top of a Hawaiian Blowout Tower Fan

The top cover of your Hawaiian breeze tower fan probably contains a squirrel cage. You can remove it by removing the stand and screws that hold it together. There are also two screws on the back of the fan. The back cover slides down. You may need to squeeze the center of the grille to loosen it. Once it is loose, you can turn the squirrel cage and the fan’s motor shaft.

How to remove squirrel cage from fan

First, unplug the fan, and unscrew the stand from the base. Once you have removed the stand, locate the back cover, and remove the two screws from the motor shaft. You may have to turn the squirrel cage to reach it. If you are having trouble removing the back cover, loosen the bottom collar on the motor shaft, squeeze the grille center, and turn the cage to remove it.

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