How To Remove Squirrel Urine Smell

How to Remove Squirrel Urine From Your Yard How To Remove Squirrel Urine Smell

There are many ways to get rid of the lingering smell of squirrel urine. Here are some of the most effective: Cider vinegar, Peppermint oil, White pepper, and Black pepper. But which one should you use? Is it really necessary to use bleach to remove the smell? Or is there a better solution? Regardless of your reasoning, removing the smell of squirrel urine is not a difficult task.

Cider vinegar

You can repel squirrels from your yard by using vinegar. However, vinegar is not the only repellent. Coffee grounds are another option. Although these have a strong smell, they are also beneficial in helping plants grow. If you don’t want to use vinegar, you can always mix it with some water and sprinkle it around your yard. If you want to keep squirrels from getting into your yard, you can also put coffee grounds on the ground and wait for a couple of days.

One tip for removing squirrel urine smell is to soak several items in the cider vinegar. This will keep them out of the attic. Then, if the smell doesn’t disappear after a day or two, you can spray them with fresh vinegar. Do not forget to spray nearby plants. But note that the pure vinegar can burn plants, so you shouldn’t spray it on them directly. Instead, you can use a spray bottle and apply it close to the entry holes.

Peppermint oil

If you’re looking for a natural way to remove the smell of squirrel urine from your garden or lawn, peppermint oil is a natural deterrent. Squirrels do not like the smell of peppermint or cinnamon, and other odors that attract pests repel them, too. These scents can be used to repel squirrels or coyotes. However, you can also use the scent of garlic or hot sauce to repel squirrels.

To use peppermint oil, dilute it with 16 oz of water. Do not add soap or vinegar to the solution. This repellent works well when pests return. You can also buy a commercial rodent repellent, such as Mighty Mint’s Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellent Spray, which works just as well as chemical products. You can also try composting for a natural solution.

White pepper

The best way to keep squirrels out of your garden is to install a mesh of steel around your plants. However, this might not always be possible. In such a case, you can try how to remove squirrel urine smell with white pepper. This pepper is highly pungent and will definitely repel squirrels. Cayenne pepper will have the same effect without hurting your plants. In addition, if you can’t find white pepper, you can use cayenne pepper instead.

However, you have to be very careful while cleaning the affected area. You should wear protective clothing and gloves to prevent skin contact with the urine and dust. Also, a mask is necessary to prevent yourself from breathing in contaminated dust. This may cause disease or infection if it gets into your system. If the infestation is more severe, you may have to use intravenous antibiotics. Regardless, you should contact your health care provider for further treatment.

Black pepper

A natural way to repel squirrels is to sprinkle plants with cayenne pepper or black pepper. Plants that attract squirrels are attracted to the smell of pepper, so sprinkle them around your bird feeders. You can also make a homemade pepper spray by mixing cayenne pepper with a few drops of water. This repellent is effective, but it requires reapplication several times a week, so you may want to use it on cloudy days or in the evenings.

Another way to deter squirrels is to sprinkle a mixture of black pepper and coffee granules around plants. While the smell may seem offensive to humans, studies show that squirrels find pepper to be highly irritating to their senses. To make this mixture more effective, mix a small amount of coffee grounds with the top soil. It works wonders in repelling squirrels, but be sure to monitor your plants to make sure they don’t suffer any harm.


If you are looking for a natural repellent to keep squirrels away, garlic can be a great option. Garlic has a pungent smell that repels squirrels. However, the smell can also overpower the scent of other plants. When putting out garlic to repel squirrels, spread it near plants to be repelled. The smell should wear off after several days. If the problem persists, contact your health care provider.

Another natural repellent is vinegar. This smells like vinegar, and is highly pungent for squirrels. Another effective repellent is coffee grounds. This smell is particularly unpleasant to squirrels, but also helps plants grow. If you do not have a strong odor, sprinkle a handful of coffee grounds around the area to deter squirrels. The smell should dissipate within a week. Apply this mixture to a spot at least three times a day.

Garlic oil

If you’ve tried applying scented sprays to your home but still don’t have success, you can make your own. Garlic oil and hot sauce can be combined into a DIY spray for squirrel deterrence. These repellents are inexpensive and can be used multiple times, depending on how often you notice squirrel activity. These homemade sprays can also be customized to suit your specific needs. Use one or all of these methods if you want to get rid of the smell of squirrel urine in your home.

One effective repellent is garlic. Its pungent smell puts off squirrels. Crushed garlic must be scattered near the plants you want to repel. The smell will gradually dissipate over time. Garlic oil is another natural repellent. Sprinkle a few cloves on the soil near the plants you wish to repel. Afterwards, they won’t be attracted to the garlic-smelling area.

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