How To Remove The Squirrel Cage Fan In A Furnace

How to Remove the Squirrel Cage Fan in a FurnaceHow To Remove The Squirrel Cage Fan In A Furnace

If you’re wondering how to remove the squirrel cage fan in your furnace, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you how to remove and replace the blower motor, belt, and blades. You’ll also need to replace the bolts and nuts that secure the blower assembly to the furnace’s metal frame rails. Read on to learn more. This step will take you a few minutes.

Blower motor

To remove the squirrel cage fan, turn off the power source to the furnace. Then, remove access panels to access the blower. Once inside, locate the motor and squirrel cage. These units are typically separate or in a single unit. If they are separate, the motor is bolted to the end of the blower assembly. Remove any screws or other fasteners that hold the motor to the furnace’s frame. Unbolt the metal frame rails.


If you want to increase the efficiency of your furnace, install a squirrel cage fan. They are easy to install and can be customized to fit your needs. They can also be used for fume extraction during certain processes in a manufacturing facility. Blades are often a variable angle to maximize airflow. A high-quality squirrel cage fan will take extra care in designing its blades so that they will function properly. Blades can also vary in shape.


To remove the squirrel cage fan from your furnace, you must first unscrew the screws holding it to the frame. Using a nut driver, remove the screws holding the motor and wheel. Next, unscrew the retaining bolt. After unscrewing the bolt, slide the cage out of the furnace. Rinse the cage with water from a garden hose to remove any traces of dirt. Then, place the cage in the sunlight to dry.


To replace the squirrel cage fan in your furnace, first turn off the power to the system. Then, remove the access panel from the top of the furnace and unbolt the metal screws and frame rails that hold the blower motor assembly in place. Unbolt the screws and frame rails and remove the motor. Carefully unbolt the bolts holding the blower motor assembly to the furnace.


To replace the squirrel cage fan, you’ll need to unplug the unit and unbolt the back cover. It will be held in place with screws, and a nut driver with a 5/16 inch head is necessary for the self-tapping sheet metal screws. Slide the back cover down, then turn the squirrel cage by pressing the center of the grille. If necessary, loosen the bottom collar of the motor shaft.


To clean the squirrel cage fan, first disassemble the blower unit. To do this, unscrew two bolts and screws on the motor housing. Unplug the fan from the furnace and take the fan unit outside. Make sure the blades are balanced so that they rotate smoothly. If not, they will wear out faster. Next, clean the motor housing. If possible, try to clean the fan housing in the same manner as you would a normal refrigerator.


To replace the squirrel cage fan in your furnace, turn off power. Then, remove the access panel. Once you’ve removed the access panel, locate the blower assembly. It may be separate or a single unit. If so, find the motor, which extends into the center of the squirrel cage wheel. The motor may be attached to the motor shaft, but it may be bolted to the end. Then, remove the nuts holding the center board and the screws holding the blower motor assembly. You can also remove the motor assembly by turning it upside down and unbolting the metal frame rails.

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