How To Replace The Squirrel Cage On A Jennaire Downdraft

How to Replace the Squirrel Cage on a Jennaire Downdraft Stove

If your downdraft stove is faulty, it is possible to replace the squirrel cage yourself. There are a few steps to follow. The first step is to remove the old squirrel cage and the motor shaft. Make sure that the notch is pointing upward and put WD-40 or moly grease on it. Then, push the back cover upward and secure the clips. You can also insert the new cage by using the two screws on the hand hold area.


A JENN-AIR downdraft fan is a great addition to a kitchen. The hood pulls smoke from a range into a duct under the cabinet, and usually runs to a large vent that looks like an oversized dryer vent. Those with open-plan kitchens can install a long vent hood. Another option is to install a pop-up exhaust system that mechanically rises to approximately 18 inches in height. These systems are effective for capturing some of the smoke from a range or oven but require cabinet space about as big as the oven itself.

Replacement of squirrel cage

The easiest way to replace the squirrel cage on a Jennaire downdraught fan is to remove the back cover. To do this, remove the motor shaft and the two screws holding the lower metal bracket in place. To access the motor shaft, unscrew the upper bearing bracket and the two screws holding the front grille in place. Carefully pull the back cover out of the fan. Gently slide the back cover downward, releasing the clips in the center of the grille. If the cage is stuck, loosen the bottom motor shaft and the two screws holding it in place.

Once you have accessed the blower, remove the panel covering the air handler. Be sure to turn off the air handler before removing the panel to avoid a possible electrocution hazard. Next, remove the nuts on the air handler panel and the cage. Using a nut-driver, remove the panel. Once the panel is removed, take out the squirrel cage and follow the instructions on the replacement.

Ventilation system

To replace the squirrel cage, simply follow the instructions below. Begin by unplugging the fan and removing the stand from the base. Next, unscrew two screws holding the back cover of the fan. Pull up on the cage, allowing the back cover to slide down. You may have to push the grille toward the center of the fan in order to remove the cage. Once the cage is free, turn it to the side, and turn the screw in the motor shaft.

The squirrel cage is an integral component of the air handler assembly. It collects air and directs it to the ductwork. Rust can prevent this blower from performing its function, causing it to squeak. Replacing the squirrel cage may be necessary to fix this problem. The process can be a bit tricky, but it is not difficult if you follow the instructions below.


How to repair or replace the squirrel cage on a Jennaire downdraught air conditioner? The first step is to remove the motor housing and fan. There is usually a stud at the upper rear of the unit. Once removed, the motor housing and fan are easy to remove. Disassembling the unit is made easier by marking the different pieces. The actual fan can be replaced with an additional $250-600.

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