How To Scare A Squirrel Away

How to Scare a Squirrel Awayhow to scare a squirrel away

If you have ever wondered how to scare a squirrel away, you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to scare away these pesky creatures. From natural repellents to blocking access to food and live traps, you can use these tips to keep your garden squirrel-free. Read on for more tips and tricks! And don’t forget to share these tips with your friends and family!

Natural repellents

Natural repellents for squirrels are inexpensive, easy, and effective. Plant-based repellents use smells that squirrels do not like and produce a nasty taste in their mouths. They are also a great DIY alternative to physical barriers. But remember that plant-based repellents are not as effective as physical barriers and may need reapplication every few days or so. Here are some tips to scare squirrels away from your trees, shrubs, and garden.

If you can’t afford expensive products, you can use human hair and dog hair as repellents. While human hair may be too obnoxious for most people, it can scare away squirrels. You can use human hair in bird feeders or at the base of plants to scare away squirrels. If you cannot afford the expense of professional repellents, you can use an ultrasonic device. This device emits ultrasonic sounds and has multiple channels to scare off specific animals.

Blocking access to food

One of the most effective ways to scare squirrels away is by blocking their access to your food. Squirrels can gnaw holes the size of baseballs. Blocking access to food is an easy and effective way to scare them away. You can also try gluing owl figures to your bird feeder poles. While this method may be fun, it is not a sustainable solution.

Providing squirrels with their own food can also deter them from coming into your yard. However, if you want to keep them out of your yard, you need to make sure they don’t come into contact with your food. You can give them a squirrel feeder instead of your garden. Some gardeners even plant extra tomatoes to keep squirrels away. Blocking their access to food will scare them away, but they’ll still come back for more.

Live traps

There are many types of live traps for squirrels, and some of them are effective at scaring the animals away. They can be placed near the tree where you would like the squirrel to go. Squirrels usually prefer trees and bushes that are free from vegetation. Some people also use live traps, which are similar to mouse traps, but use a rat poison instead of a humane chemical.

When using live traps to scare a squirrel away, you should first ensure that the animal is not in the nest. Squirrels prefer the open air, so if you’re in an attic with a nest, they won’t stay there long. They usually wait until spring to leave and raise their babies. You should also make sure that you seal up any holes or openings where the animals may enter.

Peppermint oil

One of the most effective ways to scare a squirrel away is to spray peppermint oil on your shrubs and trees. The scent of peppermint can repel squirrels and other rodents, so you should spray it on all of them if you want to scare them away. You can also spray the peppermint oil on glass lids of potted plants and trees around your home to deter them.

This natural repellent has many benefits, but be sure to use it only as a preventative measure. Peppermint is an extremely strong scent that can overwhelm a squirrel’s senses. It is also an effective deterrent for other animals and insects. It is especially effective when combined with other methods that use peppermint oil. It is a great way to scare squirrels away while protecting your home or yard.


You may have heard of ways to scare a squirrel away with garlic. This natural scent is strong enough to make the squirrel run for the hills. In addition, you can plant the garlic anywhere. This repellent will overpower the smell of other food in the area. Try it out and see how effective it is. If you still don’t get rid of the squirrel, try other methods. For best results, spray the garlic around your home or garden every morning.

Unlike cats and dogs, squirrels do not like the smell of garlic. While this natural ingredient is not highly effective in preventing squirrels, it is a safe way to discourage them from causing damage. To make garlic smell bad to them, mix some garlic powder with water or vinegar. Spray the mixture on plants, flower pots, and fences. It should repel them for about a week. Alternatively, you can grow a companion plant and sprinkle garlic powder on the perimeter of your garden.

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