How To Sell Squirrel Tails

How to Sell Squirrel Tails How To Sell Squirrel Tails

If you are looking for a company to buy your squirrel tails from, you should check out Mepps and Sheldons’ Inc. These companies will pay you for the tails of squirrels that they catch. If they don’t pay much, you can try other companies such as These companies pay top dollar for squirrel tails. They are always looking for quality items, so check them out before you send them your tails.


If you want to sell squirrel tails, you’ve come to the right place. The Sheldons’ Inc. factory in Antigo, Wisconsin, buys tails for its lures. For over fifty years, this company has been buying squirrel tails for use in its products. After testing out several different fibers, Mepps has found that squirrel tails work best in water. The company will buy tails from all three species of squirrel found in South Carolina. When selling to Mepps, however, it’s important to leave the bone in the tail and store it in a freezer. Do not use plastic bags for shipping your tails to Mepps.

Sheldons’ Inc.

Sheldons’, Inc. is a leader in the fishing tackle industry. Their line of fishing lures includes the original Curly Tail Grub, Mepps spinners, and Mister Twister soft plastic baits. These lures have been used to catch fish for more than six decades. Founded by Todd Sheldon in a ten-foot-square room in the back of a small sports shop in Antigo, Wisconsin, Sheldons’, Inc. has grown into a global corporation.

Mepps lures

If you’re looking for a lucrative hobby, selling squirrel tails may be right up your alley. Mepps is a company that manufactures fishing lures made from squirrel tails. They purchase them from individuals all over the world and make a minimum of ten tail lures from one animal. Each tail is valued at $6 to $8. The company’s website has helpful information on squirrel hunting, as well as instructions on how to sell tails.

Mepps will pay you for your squirrel tails

If you want to make a profit by selling squirrel tails, Mepps will pay you for your haul. When you send your tails to Mepps, they will grade them and double their value. To sell your squirrel tails to Mepps, you will need to keep the tails straight and salted at the butt end. You should also ship your tails during cooler weather and avoid plastic bags.

Taking a shotgun or.22 rifle to dispatch a squirrel

One of the best ways to get a healthy supply of squirrel tails is to shoot them. Squirrels will migrate long distances to find food, so spend some time in the woods and learn their habits. Use a shotgun or.22 rifle to dispatch them. This method is effective, and it requires a lot less skill than head-tapping.

Storing them away from flies

When you buy a squirrel, you will probably want to save the tail, which is considered a waste product, for later use. To preserve it, you should soak it in saltwater solution before drying. Then, once dried, store it away from flies. It is best to store the tails in a freezer, but do not put them in plastic bags, as this will allow the flies to grow in it. You can ship it anytime, but if you do, it’s best to ship it during cold weather months.

Preserving them

If you’ve ever wanted to sell squirrel tails, you need to know how to preserve them before you start collecting them. You can use a dry preserve like salt or borax. But tanned tails are more durable and practical. While the former is less expensive, it will shrink a bit. If you want to sell them quickly, however, you should consider sending the tails to a lure company.

How do you sell squirrel tails?

Answer 1: You can sell squirrel tails by setting up a booth at a local flea market or setting up a website to sell them.

How much do squirrel tails sell for?

Answer 2: Squirrel tails typically sell for around $5 each.

How do you clean squirrel tails?

Answer 3: To clean squirrel tails you will need to skin them and then wash them in soapy water.

How do you skin a squirrel tail?

Answer 4: To skin a squirrel tail you will need to use a sharp knife to carefully remove the skin.

Where do you find squirrels to harvest their tails?

Answer 5: You can find squirrels in parks forests and backyard trees.

What time of year do you harvest squirrel tails?

Answer 6: You can harvest squirrel tails year-round but they will be easiest to find in the fall and winter.

Do you need a permit to sell squirrel tails?

Answer 7: You may need a permit to sell squirrel tails depending on your local laws and regulations.

How do you package squirrel tails for sale?

Answer 8: You can package squirrel tails in plastic bags or containers.

How do you ship squirrel tails?

Answer 9: You can ship squirrel tails through the mail or using a delivery service.

What do you do with the squirrel tail once it is sold?

Answer 10: Once the squirrel tail is sold you can choose to keep it or donate it to a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

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