How To Set A Rock Squirrel Trap

How to Set a Rock Squirrel Trap

There are various methods to catch and relocate Rock Squirrels. This article will discuss some of the most effective methods, including using Bonide #110 body traps and Zinc phosphide treated bait. Alternatively, you can use Repels-All or Bonide #110 body traps. Regardless of what type of trap you choose, follow these steps to catch a Rock Squirrel.


If you live in a mountainous region, setting up rock squirrel traps is an excellent way to get rid of the pest. If you notice the presence of these animals, it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. You can set traps anywhere that rock squirrels are active, including the backyard. Bait the traps with almonds, nuts, orange slices, and even pieces of melon. Be sure to use disposable gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after handling the dead squirrels, as these animals can carry diseases such as bubonic plague. Also, destroy their burrow systems to prevent future reintroduction.

Before setting traps, you need to observe the location of the burrow. Place the trap’s door end in the entrance of the burrow, while the open end should point upwards. Prop the trap up with a block of wood or some other suitable object. The trapped animal will push past the trap door and enter. Be sure to follow local laws when setting traps. While these methods can help control pests in small areas, they need to be used with caution and with proper precautions.


If you have ground squirrel problems, you can use a repellent to keep them away. You can line your yard with scent or sound repellents. The scent repellents last about 30 days, while sound repellents work for as long as the unit is active. The sound repellents, however, are not very effective. They must be renewed every 30 to 60 days. The best repellents for ground squirrels are those that contain predator urine.

Repels-All for rock squirrel trap works by using a rust-resistant metal tube shaped like a tube. Repels-All for rock squirrel trap contains dried blood, which gives it an unpleasant odor when it is applied. The device works with the animal’s survival instinct and is safe to use outdoors. It can detect movement from up to 30 feet away. There are five different frequency settings on the device, and it can be adjusted to be more precise.

Bonide #110 body traps

Body traps for rock squirrels have been around for quite some time. This kind of trap works on the premise that animals will bite the bait to be trapped, and once they are caught, they will die instantly. There are two types of body traps available on the market. Baited traps are the most humane. Baited traps contain a battery and two metal plates. The animals are electrocuted when they come in contact with the bait, but the poison is harmless to humans. The body grip trap is a more effective trap, as the animal is lured into the body of the trap by sticking their head out of the burrow. This type of trap is a bit grisly but has the advantage of being rust resistant and working with the survival instinct of the rodent.

Zinc phosphide treated bait

Before using a zinc phosphide-treated bait, you must ensure that the untreated version is consumed by the target. Occasionally, this may take several days. If you’re not sure, apply the bait a day or two early and limit its availability to nontarget animals. The poison is toxic to ground squirrels and other wildlife, so it’s important to keep the bait away from children, pets and other nontarget species.

The use of zinc phosphide is regulated. It can only be applied by a licensed pest management professional. The poison is highly toxic and lacks an antidote. This can be hazardous to ground-feeding birds, so it is recommended that you only use it in specialized bait stations. Because the poison has a strong odor and taste, rodents won’t eat it.

Fumigation of burrows

One of the first steps in successfully trapping ground squirrels is fumigation of burrows. If you have access to a fumigant, the best time to use it is in the spring, when the soil is moist, which keeps the gas within the burrow system. However, fumigants are not effective during the summer or during dry weather, as squirrels plug their burrows during hibernation.

It’s important to know how to set a rock squirrel trap effectively. These animals are not aggressive, but they may bite if they feel threatened. Using noise and hurling things at them may scare them away. But it’s also important to seal all possible entry points. Otherwise, they may cause extensive damage around your home. Sealing off these openings prevents them from destroying your structures and causing damage to your property.

Integrated control plan

An integrated control plan will include using various methods of wildlife control such as fumigation, traps, and electronics. Havahart offers a number of different solutions to control ground squirrels. These methods are effective in both the spring and the late fall and help decrease rodent populations. This trap is especially effective at catching ground squirrels at the base of structures. Integrated control plans are important for a variety of reasons, including keeping the pest population low and keeping your home safe for your family.

The use of live traps is not recommended, due to the waste and disposal issues associated with them. Additionally, ground squirrels are agricultural pests and carry disease. Therefore, you must be aware of the Fish and Game Code rules regarding their release without a permit. When to use a rock squirrel trap depends on activity periods, food sources, and other factors. For example, the best time to trap is during the spring and fall, when the ground squirrels have most activity.

What are the steps to setting a rock squirrel trap?

First choose a spot where you’ve seen squirrels active and set the trapdoor open.

Bait the trap with nuts or seeds then close the door and wait for the squirrel to enter.

When the trapdoor shuts the squirrel will be caught.

What is the best time of day to set a rock squirrel trap?

The best time of day to set a rock squirrel trap is in the morning or evening when they are most active.

Where is the best place to set a rock squirrel trap?

The best place to set a rock squirrel trap is near their food source such as a bird feeder or in their nesting area.

What kind of bait should be used for a rock squirrel trap?

The best bait to use for a rock squirrel trap is nuts or seeds as they are attracted to these food sources.

How do you know if a rock squirrel trap is working?

You will know the trap is working if the door is shut and there is a squirrel inside.

How often should you check a rock squirrel trap?

You should check the trap every few hours to see if there are any squirrels caught.

How do you release a squirrel from the trap?

To release a squirrel from the trap simply open the door and let them out.

What should you do with a rock squirrel after you have caught it?

Once you have caught a rock squirrel you can either release it back into the wild or humanely euthanize it.

What are the consequences of not checking a rock squirrel trap?

If you do not check a rock squirrel trap the squirrels may die from dehydration or starvation.

What are the consequences of not using the proper bait for a rock squirrel trap?

If you do not use the proper bait for a rock squirrel trap the trap will be less effective in catching squirrels.

What are the consequences of not setting the trap in the right location?

If you do not set the trap in the right location you may not catch any squirrels.

What are the consequences of not releasing the squirrel from the trap?

If you do not release the squirrel from the trap it will eventually die.

What are the consequences of not euthanizing a rock squirrel?

If you do not euthanize a rock squirrel it may suffer and die a slow and painful death.

What are the consequences of not following the proper steps to set a rock squirrel trap?

If you do not follow the proper steps to set a rock squirrel trap it will be less effective in catching squirrels.

What are the consequences of not having the right supplies to set a rock squirrel trap?

If you do not have the right supplies to set a rock squirrel trap you will not be able to catch any squirrels.

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