How To Squirrel Proof Bird Feeding Station

How to Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeding Station how-to-squirrel-proof-bird-feeding-station

Slinky, Ivory soap, and Mothballs are just some of the things you can use to squirrel proof your bird feeding station. If you are having trouble keeping squirrels away from your feeder, consider installing pole mount baffles. These will deter the squirrels from coming to your station and eating your bird seed. You should also check out weight-activated squirrel-proof feeders. But, which one is the best?


You may wonder how to squirrel-proof a bird feeding station. The truth is that squirrels can eat as much as 200 pounds of seed a week. Not to mention that they do not get all of their nutrition from seed, so their access to a feeder can add up fast! This article will discuss a few simple ways to keep squirrels away from your bird seed. Once you’ve got the bird feeder set up, make sure to follow the Rule of Five-Nine.

The first step in squirrel-proofing a bird feeder is to secure it with a baffle. These devices can be purchased at most toy stores or online. Another way to deter squirrels is to install an enclosed bird feeder. This will prevent them from climbing onto the pole and accessing the seed or nuts that you put out for your birds. But this method isn’t fool-proof, so you need to be proactive.

Ivory soap

If you’re trying to keep squirrels away from your bird feeding station, one of the best ways to do it is with a bar of ivory soap. It’s a very odourless scent, and it repels both rodents and squirrels. If you use Irish Spring soap, you can tie the bar to the base of your feeder, keeping the squirrels from reaching it. Another way to squirrel-proof your station is to use a baffle set with soap.

Another solution is to use peppermint and lemongrass. These scents are great for repelling squirrels, but be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. Some peppermint and cinnamon are also known to repel squirrels. You can also spray this solution around your bird feeding station. You will have to repeat this process regularly, and the squirrels won’t be able to get it. Make sure to use plenty of the spray, because the soap may attract more than one squirrel.


For a quick and effective way to keep squirrels from damaging your bird feeder, try placing mothballs in areas where the birds are often active. A common spot for mothballs is around the base of your bird feeding station. While mothballs don’t harm birds, they are hazardous to cats and other animals. In the event you decide to use mothballs, you must keep in mind that the smell is not pleasant.

A squirrel-proof bird feeder can also contain a baffle to keep the animals from getting to the food. You can purchase squirrel baffles for various feeders or simply use a Slinky to frighten the squirrels away. If the squirrels manage to get through the baffle, shorten the Slinky until it touches the ground. If this doesn’t work, use cooking oil, coconut oil, or a soaked towel.

Pole mount baffles

If you’d like to create a squirrel-proof bird feeding station, you should purchase a squirrel-proof pole mount baffle. The right type of baffle can make a big difference, and you can save money by buying one that isn’t too expensive. If you’re in a particularly humid area, you should be aware that metal baffles can rust. A squirrel-proof pole baffle is worth the extra money for its durable design and sturdy construction.

A rodent-proof baffle can be constructed from a sheet of metal or malleable plastic. The shape of a baffle should be one foot deep, long enough to wrap around the pole and be planted between the feeder and ground. A large metal mixing bowl can also be cut to size for the purpose. Another option is a tubular-shaped squirrel baffle, which is meant to slide over the pole and be planted between the ground and the feeders.

Black plumbing pipe

If you want to create a squirrel-proof bird feeding station, you can use black plumbing pipe and an object to provide tension. You can also use bolts to secure the pipe to the cap temporarily. Then, you can attach the feeder to the C pipe by using a PVC post sleeve. Then, attach the female end of the post sleeve to a male adapter.

This type of feeder is not a perfect fit for the wild animals. You can easily make your feeder look like a birch tree using plastic baffles. These baffles are not very effective because the squirrels can climb them. So, make sure that your feeder pole is positioned at least 10 feet away from any overhanging branches. And remember to secure the bird food in a metal container that is tightly closed.

How do you make a bird feeding station squirrel proof?

By putting a baffle on the pole or by mounting the feeder on a free-standing pole.

What is a squirrel baffle?

It is a cone cylinder or dome-shaped device that is placed around the pole of a bird feeder which prevents squirrels from climbing up to the feeder.

How do you make a free-standing bird feeder pole?

By using a 4×4 post or PVC pipe.

How do you keep squirrels from jumping onto a bird feeder?

By placing the feeder at least 5 feet away from any trees buildings or other structures that they could use to jump from.

How do you keep squirrels from digging up bird seed?

By placing the feeder on a platform or table or by placing a wire mesh around the base of the feeder.

What kind of bird seed do squirrels like the most?

Black oil sunflower seeds.

How can you tell if a squirrel is raiding your bird feeder?

By finding evidence of chewing on the feeder pole or wires or by finding spilled seed on the ground beneath the feeder.

How do squirrels eat bird seed?

They hold the seed in their paws and nibble at it or they put the seed in their mouths and crack it open with their teeth.

What is the best time of day to watch for squirrels at a bird feeder?

Late morning and early afternoon.

How many different species of squirrels are there?

there are more than 200 species of squirrels.

What is the smallest squirrel in the world?

The African Pygmy Squirrel.

What is the largest squirrel in the world?

The Indian Giant Squirrel.

Do all squirrels eat nuts?

No only some squirrels eat nuts.

What do flying squirrels eat?

Flying squirrels eat mostly insects but they will also eat fruits nuts and seeds.

How can you tell if a squirrel is a male or a female?

Female squirrels are usually smaller than male squirrels and they have a different shaped reproductive opening.

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