How To Squirrel Proof Your Garden

How to Squirrel-Proof Your Garden

how to squirrel proof your garden a squirrel

You probably have no idea how to squirrel-proof your garden, but you can take steps to discourage the rodents. Many gardeners use a combination of methods to keep the squirrels away. For example, you can cover up the openings in your flower beds with a layer of aluminum foil. Then, place one strand of wire six inches above the ground, the other at fence height. Another way to repel the rodents is to put plastic bird netting around ripe fruit and vegetables. In addition, you can add decorative rocks or heavyweight mulch to your planting area to scare them away.

You can also use chicken wire mesh to deter squirrels. Small rolls of mesh can be used in your garden and attic. You can also use chicken wire and wrap it around a wooden frame. A screen door will prevent squirrels from coming through the netting, but make sure to leave enough space to water and weed. This will discourage the squirrels from entering your garden. When you’ve finished, remove the netting from your garden.

Putting out chicken wire mesh along the back corners of your property works well to deter rodents. If you put out a squirrel feeder, it will channel them away from your property and toward the feeder. Squirrels are not much different from other animals in that they won’t come inside unless you put out food. Once you’ve done this, they’ll stay away from your garden, even if they do get into it. Aside from this, you can also cover a wooden frame with rolls of mesh, but you’ll need a screen door to allow the squirrels into your home.

You can also make a spray that contains hot sauce. You can mix it with water and spray it on plants, but it’s important to reapply it frequently to avoid the rodents’ habit of lingering on your plants. A spray of hot pepper will keep the rodents from coming back. And a smell of garlic and vinegar will keep the rodents away, too.

Also, you can use predator pee to deter rodents. A squirrel-proofing spray can be applied to the entire perimeter of the garden to repel them. This product claims to create the illusion of a predator nearby, which will scare the rodents away. Moreover, it will prevent the rodents from digging in the same area. If the repellent doesn’t work, reapply it after rain to keep the pests away.

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Lastly, you can squirrel-proof your garden by placing repellents in the soil. Unlike humans, rodents will be attracted to water as well. In fact, they are so thirsty that they’ll even try to find water near the plants. Besides attracting the rodents, squirrels will also seek water in the birdbath. You can place birdbaths to repel them, too.

You can also scare the squirrels away by removing fruits and vegetables. You can also use owls to deter rodents. As they are more susceptible to the smell of predators, they will try to find food sources in areas where they can live. However, the more nut-gathering, the more the squirrels will be drawn to these locations.

In Conclusion

Some gardeners use scarecrows to keep the rodents out of the veggie patches. Other methods include the use of fake owls to scare the animals away from the garden. These are a great option if you can’t afford to hire a professional to scare the rodents, but you need to be vigilant and make sure the owls are not afraid to visit your garden.

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