How To Stop Squirrel From Eating Bird Food

How to Keep a Squirrel From Eating Bird Food

If you’ve been wondering how to keep a squirrel from eating bird food, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re wondering how to keep a squirrel from eating bird food, here are a few tips. First, make sure your feeders are caged. This will keep squirrels from climbing up the metal poles and reaching the bird food. Second, consider Ivory soap or mesh fences, which are both effective ways to deter squirrels.

Caged bird feeders prevent squirrels from reaching bird food

One way to prevent squirrels from getting to your bird feeder is to use a squirrel pole. These poles are made of materials that squirrels aren’t able to chew through, which will prevent them from reaching the bird food. The rodents can’t get through these poles, so you’ll never have to worry about them eating your birdseed again. If you’re concerned that squirrels are sneaking in through the hole on your bird feeder, you can use a squirrel repellent spray to keep squirrels away.

A squirrel collar is another way to prevent squirrels from getting to your bird feed. This collar is made of metal and can be placed on a tree about six feet above ground level. If you can’t secure a metal collar on the tree, you can hang a two-inch-diameter plastic pipe around the overhead wires. This pipe will spin when the squirrel tries to walk on it.

Ivory soap repels squirrels

One way to keep squirrels from eating your bird food is to place Ivory soap near the feeder. You can also wrap some rags or old clothes around the pole to keep the squirrels from climbing it. Some people also believe that spent coffee grounds repel pests, and they place a layer of used coffee grounds around their bird feeder poles. The scent of the coffee grounds will also keep the squirrels away.

Another great way to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder is to use hot peppers. Although this method may sound harsh, squirrels will not eat this grease because they use it to groom themselves. This will make them struggle to stay warm during the colder months. Ivory soap also smells very masculine. It will make a good repellent if it’s used on a regular basis.

Mesh fences

Spikes made of stainless steel are an effective deterrent for squirrels, and can be installed on ledges of buildings or on awnings or poles. They are durable, and are long enough to keep Squirrels from stepping on them. Because they are long, they are best placed where the squirrels land after jumping. They also are less visible than plastic spikes, so they don’t reflect light or attract dirt.

Wire fencing is another option for keeping squirrels out of your yard. Make sure you bury the wires deep enough so that squirrels cannot dig through them. If your yard is frequented by squirrels, they might have constructed a den in a tree. If you remove the shelter, they won’t be able to reach your bird feeders. In addition, if you use a mesh fence, you can also bury the mesh so it can’t be chewed through by squirrels.

Domes prevent squirrels from climbing on metal poles

If you have a metal feeder that you use to feed birds, you’ll probably want to consider installing a dome baffle. These domes look like upside-down serving bowls. They’re designed to prevent squirrels from climbing on the pole and grabbing bird food, and they’ll also provide extra protection to your helpless birds. You can find dome baffles online or at a well-stocked home improvement store.

To keep squirrels from climbing on metal poles, install a domed feeder. Wood and metal poles are easy for squirrels to climb on. Try using copper or PVC poles instead. They are more difficult for squirrels to climb. You can also spray copper or PVC poles with mustard oil. Make sure to reapply the domed feeder baffler after each rain.

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