How To Tan A Squirrel Hide With Eggs

How To Tan A Squirrel Hide With Eggs

The first step to tanning a squirrel’s hide is to soften the hide by making a solution of 5 cups of salt and one gallon of water. Place the pelt into the saltwater and let it soak for 24 hours. After soaking, scrape the skin of the pelt and leave the remaining flesh and membrane in the solution. Next, make a solution of alum and five cups of water. Pour the mixture into a small bucket and add enough eggs to cover the pelt evenly.

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Now, the hide is ready to be tanned. After the tan, trim off any excess fur and any loose hairs. The next step is to sew the holes in the hide. Use a needle and thread about a foot long. Thread the needle through the hide and sew it closed using a whip stitch. This will ensure that the skin side of the hide is smooth.

Once the hide is ready, prepare the hide by scraping off the visible meat and fat. Using a dull knife, scrape off the excess skin and fat. Place the pelt in the salt solution and allow it to soak for at least 24 hours. After this time, remove the outer membrane. Then, apply the solution to the rest of the squirrel’s hide.

After the pelt has been soaked in the salt solution for 24 hours, it is time to peel it. Remember to scrape off the flesh and membrane before you begin the process of tanning. Don’t forget to keep the skull intact, as this contains the brains, which will help you with the tanning process. Once the pelt is ready, apply the dye to it and leave it to dry.

After tanning, you can trim the edges of the hide. Then, use a sewing needle to sew the hide. The thread should be at least a foot long. Tie a small knot and thread through the needle. You should now use a whip stitch to close the holes. After the tanning process, the other side of the hide should be smooth and unblemished.

Tanning Squirrel Hide With Eggs

You can use the egg solution to tan a squirrel hide or a raccoon hide. The first step is to scrape the hide. The brains can be mashed or chopped to the desired consistency. Afterward, the brains will be soaked in the solution for a few hours. It’s important to use the correct amount of eggs. After that, you need about six or eight egg yolks.

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Tanning a squirrel hide also involves salting the hide. The salting process is the most critical step in tanning the hide. It prevents the hide from decaying. Then, you must lay the hide-out flesh side up, and prepare the solution. For best results, use half a pound of brains for each pound of animal’s hide.

Another method of tanning a squirrel hide is to use a pig brain or deer brain. You can find a recipe for brain solutions here. For a raccoon hide, you’ll need about half a pound of brains. You’ll need to prepare two to three dozen of these to tan one hide. If you have two raccoons, you’ll need six eggs.

Salting is the most crucial step in tanning a squirrel’s hide. The salting process will set the hair and keep the hide from decaying. To salt a squirrel hide, you must first lay it out flesh side up. To make the solution, mix five cups of salt with one gallon of water. Then, soak the hide for 24 hours, scraping off any flesh that you don’t need to tan.


Once the hide is properly tanned, you can remove the excess yolk and flesh it with a scraping tool. Once the hide has been thoroughly fleshed, it must be refrigerated or salted to prevent it from getting too soft and brittle. To preserve the quality of the hide, you should use salt that is free of toxins and other materials.

How do you tan a squirrel hide using eggs?

First you need to remove the hair from the hide.

This can be done by scraping the hide with a sharp knife.

Next you need to prepare a tanning solution using eggs.

This can be done by breaking the eggs and mixing the contents with water.

Finally you need to soak the hide in the tanning solution for a period of time.

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