How To Train Squirrel Dog

How To Train Squirrel Dog

Choose the right dog – Getting the wrong breed can end up being detrimental to your dog’s future hunting prospects. It’s important to choose a good dog from an excellent litter, so you don’t end up with a puppy that can’t perform. If you’re planning on hunting with your dog, be sure to spend some time in the woods with the parents of the pup to ensure that they’ve been bred properly.

How To Train Squirrel Dog

When you decide to get a squirrel dog, there are many different things you need to know to train your new pet. The best way to train your dog is to expose it to games from an early age. This will cause your dog to chase after squirrels until they start climbing trees. If you’re unsure about how to train a squirrel dog, here are some tips to help you.

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Select the right puppy – A good squirrel dog will learn to respond to non-verbal cues, so if you want to get a great hunting dog, don’t skimp on the price. If you can, take your pup for a test run with the parents of the puppy. If they’re good hunters, you’ll have no problem training the puppy. If you’re unsure, ask the parents for advice.

Train the pup – It’s vital to train your pup to hunt squirrels. Squirrel dogs usually grow out of their play phase between six and nine months. It’s important to remember to use a long stick and make sure your pup is comfortable with it. Hold it high enough so your pup will chase it. Keep in mind that your puppy should learn to hunt in the woods.

Choosing the right is very important. It’s important to avoid a puppy that has a traumatic history. A squirrel dog can be dangerous if it gets bitten by a squirrel. If you have a dog with a strong hunting instinct, you should consider buying a puppy from a reputable source. It will be safer for your pet to be around other animals in your yard.

As a pup, squirrel dogs must be kept in the woods. They need a lot of walking. As a pup, your pup should start trailing the animal as soon as it sees it. When your pup has a squirrel, give it plenty of praise. This will help your dog learn to stay on a tree for a long time. You should also keep the puppy happy and healthy.

Using a squirrel dog in a work environment is not recommended for every type of dog. You should avoid using animal scents to attract your dog. It may not be possible to catch a squirrel at the beginning of its life. Squirrel dogs can be a great companion for your family and friends. You can spend hours together hunting squirrels and learning about the animal’s life.

Squirrel dogs require extensive walking, so they can be dangerous in the wild. During the early stages of their lives, they should be kept in the woods for the first few years. As a pup, they should be kept in the woods until they become fully grown. During this time, they should be accustomed to the smell of squirrels, and learn how to stay on a tree.

As a pup, you should take your dog out into the woods a lot. Keeping your dog in the woods will help your dog learn how to chase squirrels. As it matures, you can place a squirrel in a cage or place it in a tree for it to chase. If you are not able to find a squirrel, you can put the dog in a training pen and let it hunt for itself.


Squirrel dogs are a great way to introduce young children to the outdoors. You should start with small patches of forest where you can introduce your dog to wild squirrels. After a couple of weeks, you can introduce your puppy to squirrels on a larger scale. The longer your pup is in the woods, the easier it will be to hunt. A squirrel dog can easily catch a squirrel in a large tree.

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